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Aztecs : Jaguar Prowler Knight anti Fast Fortress!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Timing Attack

Today we are going to try out a new strategy for the Aztecs, the first of the website! We will make full use of one unit : the Jaguar Prowler Knight. Often seen as bad, we will use them in Commercial Age, when the counters don't really exist yet.

This attack will heavily punish Fast Fortress or Semi Fast Fortress strategies.

  • Unexpected
  • Early map control and siege
  • Deadly timing
  • Rigid
  • Extremely reliant on good Exploration Age

Be warned : this build order needs you to be very active on the treasure game! You have your Eagle Scout, your War Chieff with conversion, and you will have 3 Jaguar Prowler Knights very early : make use of all of these to get as many treasures as possible.

Prioritise coin, food and experience treasures.

Other than that, generate as much XP as you can with your early 3 Jaguar Prowler Knights and your explorer. More XP = more shipments = profit!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, immediatly build a Community Plaza followed by 2 Houses
  • All villagers on food
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • Age up at 15 villagers with The Messenger, for a fast age up


  • Send High Priest of Ixilton

Age 2

  • Press your Town Center Big Button as fast as possible. Get bigger treasures or burn down your opponent Trading Post with them
  • Send 700 wood. Move 2 villagers towards your foward base location if your opponent can’t contest at this point. Otherwise, play it safe. Make sure you will have 100 coin as the shipment arrives (swap some villagers on coin if needed). As the shipment arrives, put 4 villagers on coin, 3 on the crates. Build in that order your Noble Hut, then your War Hut, and finally an House. Keep 5 villagers on coin, rest on food
  • Start training up to 10 Jaguar Prowler Knights (for 13 in total) and 14 Coyote Runners
  • Press your Community Plaza Big Button after your first batch is queued, to generate more XP from potential early skirmishes (not mandatory, prefer securing your batches over this big button and press it later)
  • Send 600 wood to be able to keep the Coyote Runners production, and build 3 Houses
  • Send 10 Otontin Slingers. Complete your last batches as they arrive! If you have to, stop villager production
  • Push with that army! Reinforce by sending 9 Otontin Slingers, then 6 Coyote Runners, and training more unit of your choice :
    • If Jaguar Prowler Knights, 5 villagers on coin
    • If Coyote Runners, 8 villagers on wood, rest on food
    • If Puma Spearmen, 12 villagers on coin
    • If Otontin Slingers, 12 villagers on wood

This push should really be game ending. If not, try to transition to Fortress Age as soon as possible and stabilise from there.


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