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British Virginia Company Semi-FF

Written by telreyne

Game mode
1 vs 1



Traditionally, British are known for their powerful age 2 economy and aggressive pressure. Military wise, they have one of the best early Hussar/Musketeer combos in the game thank to early military upgrade cards. Eco wise, they are able to sustain a powerful early economy via their Manor Houses.

However, they are often known as being weak when played defensively. Their relatively weak fortress age and their inability to fast age up puts them at a massive disadvantage.

Today we debunk this misconception ! Using the Longbow, one of the best defensive units in the game vs infantry, and Virginia Company, we will be able to turtle while working towards a massive economy !

We then transition into Fortress Age using an army composition made of Hussars, Dragoons and Longbows ! A formidable composition against many civs and often unexpected !

  • Strong Early Economy.
  • Very defensive, hard to rush if you decide to stay in age 2.
  • Easy to macro for whatever unit comp you want to run due to the excess villagers early on.
  • Good vs Germany, France, Ottomans, and Portugal.
  • Acceptable vs Haudenosaunee, Lakota, India, and Russia.
  • Sacrifices early aggression.
  • Too sluggish to transition into a different early game strategy quickly.
  • Difficult to catch up with an age 3 age up from your opponent unless you primitively age.
  • Vulnerable to a strong age 2 timing attack.
  • Bad vs China, Aztecs, Spain, Japan, Dutch, Sweden, Inca, and in the British mirror.

A few things to note before getting into this build :

Being aggressive in age 2 is still the go to strategy for Britain. However, in specific matchups like Germany, Ottoman, and Portugal, this strategy is often prefered. But don’t undervalue the element of surprise, your opponent will often assume you will play like any Britain player out there and get caught off guard.

As for the cards :

There is often a lot of debate on whether or not British players should send 3 Villagers first, get a Trading Post, and then ship Virginia Company. For this build order however, we will just go double Manor Houses and ship Virginia Company right away.

It looks something like :

Age I

  • Virginia Company

Age II

  • 700 wood
  • 5 villagers
  • 600 wood if you want to stay in age 2 and build Longbowmen/Pikemen
  • 700 coin┬áif you want to age to fortress
Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

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