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“I’m gonna rush!” Brit Logistician!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



The British ... this amazing faction lames its way through any problem with 50 villagers and 200 musketeers in 10 minutes. But that is not what we are going to do today! Today we go all in, go big or go home, thanks to the Logistician!

This Politician will provide us all the tool we need in order to very quickly put together an army. Army that will on top of that be upgraded as we age up! If you are all about those quick pixel points, try this Rush.

  • Hits really fast!
  • Superior archaic infantry
  • Unexpected
  • All-in

Why should you ever go for this strategy over traditionnal play? Hunts. This strategy requires less hunt than the normal Musketeer spam, a very important perk especially on poor Hunts maps.

The idea is very simple : we put a good army together extremely fast, we pressure our opponent with it. Destroy his buildings with the Pikes, idle his villagers with the Longbowmen. Also thanks to the automatic Infantry Breastplace on age up and the Outpost, our army and foward base position are really hard to take down.

Thanks to the impressive villager count early game, we will be able to sustain that push with constant batches of units!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build 2 Manors Houses, put all villagers on wood
  • Build a 3rd Manor House, swap all villagers on food
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • Age up at 19/20 with The Logistician, so our Manor Houses will now spawn a Longbowman when built, our Outposts will be able to train Archaic Infantry, and we have Infantry Breastplate researched


  • Put all villagers on wood but 2 herding
  • Move 3 villagers towards a foward base position
  • Send 300 wood
  • Build an Outpost followed by 3 Manor Houses at your foward base position, timed so they finish building just as you age up

Every Manor from now should be built at your foward base position

  • Build a Market. If you have coin from small treasures, research Hunting Dogs (food), otherwise sell 100 food for it
  • Keep 8 villagers on wood, put the rest on food

Age 2

You should age around 4:35

  • Start training a batch of Pikemen
  • Send 6 Longbowmen

Your first batch should complete around 5:05, for a total of 5 Pikemen and 3 Longbowmen. Pressure your opponent Outpost!

  • Train a second batch of Pikemen

Your second batch and your shipment should complete around 5:30 to 5:40, for a total of 10 Pikemen and 9 Longbowmen! Really strong timing! You can also train Longbowmen instead of Pikemen if your opponent is trying to respond with a lot of Musketeers, but you might be able to train only 4.

  • Send 700 wood. As it arrives, we are going to build 2 Manor House and research Steel Traps (food) by selling excess of food to get the coin
  • Start training constant Longbowmen. You want to keep your Pikemen mass between 10 and 15. Make sure to force the fight as you finish your Manors and batches!
  • If you find yourself with an excess of 100 food, research Gang Saw (wood)
  • Send 600 wood. As it arrives, build a Stable and another 2 Manor Houses. Put 4 villagers on coin, 10 on wood, rest on food. Make sure to force the fight as you finish your Manors and batches!
  • Send 700 coin. Start training up to 15 Hussars while keeping infantry production! Put 8 villagers on coin to complete your third batch. Make sure to research Placer Mines (coin) in the process

You should start training hussars around 10 minutes if you’ve followed the build order.

The game should be over by that point. If not, try to transition to Fortress Age with 600 coin and look for a Longbowmen, Hussars and Goons composition!

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