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China Fast Fortress is fast as **** boys!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Fast Fortress

What a great day yesterday was for every China player ! New cards, new build orders available, small buffs all around. But how does all that impact the most famous China strategy : the Fast Fortress ?

The China Fast Fortress is as predictible as it is strong. It puts together a strong economy while aging and then translate it into a huge mass of units. On top of that, many, many card provide those units with upgrades, to make them scarrier as the game advances !

Sub 7:45 to 7:30 Fast Fortress !

  • Very powerfull composition in Fortress Age
  • Extremely strong economy once in Fortress Age
  • Requires you to reach Fortress Age
  • Vulnerable to an early rush or timing attack

The biggest change made was to the cost of Villages ! By reducing their cost by 10, we gain 40 villager seconds in the Exploration Age by starting 2 Villages. The extra settler we are going to receive that way will also allow us to gain 300 villagers seconds, for a total a 340 villagers second.

This is just below the 400 chopping an extra 200 wood for a Trading Post is requiring. Am i telling you this is worse than before ? Wrong ! We are now able to build a Market while going Fast Fortress ! This will ultimetly lead into a much much better economy once in Fortress Age, without sacrificing speed at all.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

This is the greedier variant. A safer one will be posted soon.

Age 1

  • Gather your crates. Build your 1st Village. Put 2 villager on wood, rest on food
  • Build your 2nd Village. Put every villager on food
  • Send Northern Refugees
  • We are going to age at 16/30 population. Eat your goat while your last villager is training
  • Age up with the Summer Palace, using one villager to build


  • Swap all villagers to wood but 5-6 on hunts. Make sure to herd nearby hunts ! Build a Trading Post. Swap your villagers back to food and coin. Try to maximise your villager efficiency : if the hunts are still far, gather up to 300 coin and keep hearding ; if not macro towards 1200 food and 300 coin

Age 2

  • Put the Summer Palace on Old Han army and task a villager to gather your crates
  • Send 700 coin and 700 wood. Gather the coin as it arrives
  • Age up either with the Porcelain Tower, using 8 villagers to build


  • Put 5 villagers on coin, rest on food
  • Use 3 villagers to gather your wood crates and build a Consulate, a War Academy and a Market. Get your coin upgrades asap, namely Blanket Filters and Flume and Ditching

Age 3

  • Put your Porcelain Tower on wood
  • Put 15 villagers on coin, the rest on food
  • Ally with the British, send Intervention
  • Constantly train Territorial Army and swap your Summer Palace to Territorial Army
  • Add Villages to not population cap yourself and get your market upgrades one after the other : Civil Servants (all), Hunting Eagles (food), Professional Hunters (food) and Imperial Bureaucracy (all)
  • Add a second War Academy

From there it’s really up to you ! Ship the units you need to defend yourself or ship upgrades if nothing is coming. Once you massed a big Death Ball, march foward !

The idea is very simple at this point : Mass, trade down, repeat. Your superior economy and training speed will allow you to overwhelm your opponent fight after fight.

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