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NEW PATCH !! China anti-FF timing attack is devastating !

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Timing Attack

New patch, new decks, new build orders, and this time China is the star ! Let's start with a deadly timing attack centered around the card New Army.

Moved into Commercial Age, this card is allowing us to have a surprisingly high tech mass in order to strike our opponent ! Hitting just around 8 minutes, this attack is designed to punish any Fast or Semi Fast Fortress !

  • Hits really hard
  • Pretty easy to execute
  • Transition with a strong economy
  • Should push before counters are available
  • Need a clean settup
  • Full infantry push, be carefull with enemy artillery

Disclaimer : The deck showcased is a very versatile deck that i will use in my other build order, hopefully coming out tomorrow ! Feel free to specialise it for this specific BO !

The goal here is very simple : we mass, we ship the card, we push .. and hopefully win the game !

The timing we are looking for is 8 minutes, with around 40 high quality units ! Use this strategy against any greedy civilisation or opponent, the timing hits extremely hard !

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build a Village
  • Put 2 villagers on wood, the rest on hunts
  • Build a second Village, all villagers on hunts
  • Send Nothern Refugees for 3 Villagers
  • Go for a 16/50 age up, eat your goat while training the last villager
  • Age up with the Summer Palace, build it with 2 villagers


  • Swap all your villagers on wood, but 5-6 that will stay on food / herd nearby hunts
  • Build a Trading Post

Age 2

  • Send 700 wood, swap your Summer Palace to producing Old Han army
  • Build a War Academy, gather enough wood to train your first Old Han army. Gather an extra 20 wood, then swap every villager to food
  • Gather your wood crates to keep producing Old Han armies and add your 3rd Village
  • Send Duck Squad
  • Send New Army. Put 8 villagers on wood, 5 on coin, and start moving towards your opponent base
  • As the shipment arrive, push your opponent !

With the wonder producing one batch, you should have a total of 15 Quiang Pikemen, 23 Chu Ko Nu and a Flamethrower as New Army arrives. The Pikemen will be turned into Changdao Swordsmen and Chu Ko Nu into Arquebusiers !

With that army and your Monk and Disciples, the goal is to end the game ! If not, quickly transition towards Fortress Age, get a Market and your upgrades, and try to outgrind your opponent.

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