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The swarm is coming : China Age 2!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



"More stuff beats less stuff", today we are putting that saying to the test! This China build order will swarm your opponent under waves after waves of units. Contain him to starvation before crushing his hopes and dreams!

This build order is as simple as it gets on paper, but quite tricky on the execution side.

  • Early harassment leading into the huge mass
  • A LOT of units, with very strong siege!
  • Requires a billion hunts!
  • Your units are quite fragile at first

Sometimes we twist our mind in every way possible to try to abuse each and every mechanic a faction has to offer, and it feels great! Today, we wont. Our brains are not going to melt as this is dead simple : ship crates, train units, ship units upgrades.

“But why not shipping the units in the first place?” Very good question Timmy! 9 Qiang Pikemen is… 9 Qiang Pikemen, and nothing more. On the other end 700 wood can lead into being able to train 4 Old Han army, 12 Qiang Pikemen and 12 Chu Ko Nu! That’s quite a lot more units. of course you need to find the food for it, but by unbalancing our economy in a certain way, we will be able to take full advantage of our market upgrades!

Only exception to that rule will in that case be our 7 Steppes Riders. Those Steppes Riders will force our opponent to stay of the defensive, and thus give us the time we need to put our strategy together.

One last point, it is important to fight and trade units with this Build Order! Our early economy largely depends on shipments. No fights = no xp = no shipment = no eco.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build your first Village and put all your villagers on food
  • Try to find a wood treasure as you first 2 villagers are training. If you don’t find any, swap 4 villagers to wood and build your 2nd Village
  • Send Northern Refugees
  • Make sure to eat your Goat while training your 16th villager
  • Age up at 16 villagers with 4 villagers to build your Summer Palace, for 400 food and constant Banner armies training


  • Transition all but 5 villagers to wood. Make sure to do some herding!
  • New villagers should rally to wood, up to 11. Then food again

Age 2

  • Build a War Academy
  • Send 7 Steppes Riders and start harassing

Villagers, houses, any building in construction : force your opponent to idle and disrupt his gameplan!

  • Train constant Old Han Armies while your Summer Palace is on Standard Army

As your armies comes out and you start getting a small mass, start denying resources from your opponent. It’s really important that you do not conceed map control!¬†

  • Build your 3rd Village

From there any additional village you build should be putted on your outward hunts with 4 to 5 villagers on each. You are going to exhaust the entire map out of hunts!

  • Send 700 wood. With it, build your 4th Village and a Market. Gather up to 75 coin, swap 4 villagers from wood to coin if needed. Research Civil Servants (all) and Hunting Eagles (food)
  • Send 700 coin. As it arrives, swap all villagers to food but 8 on coin. Start training Standard Armies. Research Professional Hunters (food) and Blanket Filters (coin)
  • Send 600 wood. As it arrives, swap 9 villagers from food to wood. Build your 5th Village, a second War Academy and start pumping out both Standard and Old Han armies
  • Send Standard Army Hit Points, and push!

This should be a game-ending push most of the time. In case it isn’t, by 300 export, build a consulate, and Ally with the French in order to transition towards Fortress Age and a longer gameplan. Otherwise, ship more units to the frontline!

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