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Dutch Fast Industrial into South Africa revolt !

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1



Known for their ability to turtle, the Dutch are back at it again with a pure Fast Industrial strategy ! Surprise your opponent with fast age ups and crush his attempts to stop you in your track !

On top of having a excellent power spike upon reaching industrial age, the build is highly flexible. Deviate from the original gameplan to defend yourself, while working towards the most powerful economy in the game ! The South African revolt will allow you to completly overwhelm your opponent as he will have no way to keep up !

  • Incredible late game economy. Nothing come close to it !
  • Flexible build order, allowing you to branch out
  • Very good power spike upon reaching Industrial Age
  • Very defensive
  • Vulnerable to strong timing pushes before you reach Industrial

The Dutches and their Banks ! Costing 350 food and 350 wood, each bank is the equivalent of 4 Dutch villagers gathering coin (4.6 normal villagers) when both are not upgraded, and thus quickly pay for themselves. On top of that, they are good at walling and generate a huge amount of XP when building them.

All of these perks naturally push the civilization towards a very defensive playstyle.

We are going to double dip on that natural attraction towards turtling with this strategy, by trying to reach Industrial Age as fast as Possible. In order to come back in the game after investing so many ressources, we are going to use the Dutch unique church upgrade card, Religious Freedom ! That way we will be able to ship 30 Guard Musketeer and 5 Stradiots in exchange for coin, that our banks generates anyway ! With your Town Center and a Fort, this should be a good enough defense just before 11 minutes in the game.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

The video by Aussie_Drongo is not an exact showcase of this build order, but should give you a good idea of what to look for as well as a few tips !

Age 1

  • Start gathering your crates, gather your wood crate with two villagers, rest on coin
  • Your explorer must build a Trading Post as fast as possible !
  • Keep only 3 Villagers on coin, the rest on wood until you can build an House. Then swap the wood villagers to food
  • Send 3 Villagers 
  • Depending on the treasures you gathered, stop gathering coin at 14/20 or 15/20 population, and get all the villagers on food
  • Gather 800f, age up with The Quartermaster for 400 wood

During that phase, food and wood treasures are the n°1 priority !


The goal here is to build a Bank before aging up. Aim for wood or food treasures.

  • Split all your villagers between food and wood. The goal is to reach 350 of each as soon as possible.
  • Once you have the resources for it, build a Bank with 3 villagers. Split the rest between food and coin. You want to be able to build a villager as soon as possible once you aged up

Age 2

  • Send 700 wood followed by 700 coin
  • Queue a villager, as soon as you do it, keep only 3 villagers on coin
  • Gather your wood crates, build a 2nd Bank as you do it. Once finished, swap the coin villager to food

You need to scout at this point : are you going to get attacked. If yes, a variant should soon cover what you should do.

  • As 700 wood arrives, gather it. Build a 3rd Bank, a House and a Market. Research Hunting Dogs (food) followed by Steel Traps (food)
  • As 700 coin arrives, gather it and age up with The Exiled Prince, for a fast age up


Once again, you need to scout your opponent. If nothing is coming your way, keep going !

  • Send a Bank Wagon. As it arrives you will be able to build your 4th Bank

Age 3

  • Send a Fort Wagon. Build it in front on your Town Center if no pressure is coming, or behind it if you see a few units.
  • Keep all your villagers on food. As you reach 2000 food and 1200 coin, age up with The Tycoon for 1000 coin


  • Gather an extra 225 food. It will allow you to call Minutemen and research Placer Mines (coin) in your market
  • Swap all your villagers but 7 on wood. Use the wood for placer mines and more Houses. We will soon need a lot of population space !
  • Send the Unique Church upgrades card, Religious Freedom

Age 4

Should be around 10:30 !

  • Gather your crates, immediatly research Stadhousers, for 30 Guard Musketeers !
  • Follow by Waargelders for 5 Stradiots if you need to defend yourself, or Mercantilism for 2 to 3 shipments !
  • The goal is to research Mercantilism as soon as possible. Once it’s done, swap your villagers back to food and wood
  • Ship 2 Heavy Canons

The following gameplan is once again if you are not being pressured or you stabilised already.

  • Add your 5th Bank as soon as possible. Ship the Bank upgrade card, Tulip Speculation, and your additionnal Bank card, Bank of Amsterdam (or Rotterdam !). As you do, build your 6th Bank !
  • At that point, your are looking for a South African Revolt as soon as possible ! Try to ship your Advanced Arsenal card before if you can, as well as your Infantry Combat and Cavalry Combat cards. They are not mandatory, so don’t slow down your revolt for them, but they will give your military a nice boost in the late game if you can ship them !
  • As you join South Africa, ship your Factories as soon as possible, followed by the Coureur des bois card, Huguenots

At that point your economy should be so far ahead of your opponent you will be able to vastly out-produce him. Just for reference, each upgraded bank produces coin at the speed of 6 normal villagers. You have 6 Banks minimum (up to 9 !!), so that’s 36 villagers worth of production. On top of that, each factory produces wood at the rate of 11 villagers, 9 for coin. We have 3 of them, that’s 27 to 33 villagers worth. Each Coureur des Bois is worth 1.25 villagers. We have 30 of them, that’s 37,5 villagers. And on top of that we have our regular 50 villagers. Our total economy is about 87,5 fully upgraded villagers and 65+ non upgraded one ! Over 150 villagers economy, for only 80 population occupied !


  1. Tedde

    This is great in team games. Crazy economic power. Being flexible with adding barracks or stables earlier than fort wagon (like drongo did with the constant production of skirms) seems like a necessity, unless opponents try and boom as well.

    Great guide and good site!

      • Anonymous

        Okay, the key is to revolt before the enemy gets imperial, I see.. If they go imp before we manage to do revolt, I would assume its better to age, at least in most cases..?

        By the way, love the page! Updating each day hoping for more Brits and Dutch build orders and oc looking forward to their Civ overviews! 😁

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