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Dutch : Harrison oppening into rush!

Written by thejassz

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1



It's time to bring light to what Dutch has in Age 2! ...It has the strongest Infantry line up ! Yes the Skirmishers accessible in age 2! how many civs has this? And Classic hussars for mobility making it a complete roster!

Dutch has a good defense in colonial age with banks ,8 pikes shipment almost guarantees your skirmishers are safe from cavalry ,minutemen to back up any engagements near your base!

You can always setup your base to mess up unit's pathing which makes it hard for your opponent to enter with large number of units and do a clean micro.

  • Swarm
  • Good follow up
  • Need less map control early on
  • Scales well
  • Might need good hunts

City of Gold? Bank good unit.

Anyways what makes Dutch age 2 good is because of large coin income from banks which also means you need less vills on gold and more on food meaning any unit opening becomes viable.

This opening will help you in both 1v1 & team games ,and also adding a rush factor which is possible as Dutch if your teammates insist.

If your teammate is being stubborn in doing a rush? No Problem! You want to play the game slowly by controlling the mid map? No Problem ! Answers below!

I will guide you on how to start with skirmishers or hussars and get full 5 batches of them each time during rush or slow rush with eco.

The Dutch cavalry Semi-FF has been updated with this new oppener! Make sure to check it out for slower matchups or 3v3s.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Make sure to send some love to Harrison from us <3 He might be British but we still love him!

Age 1

  • Gather your coin crates asap and queue a villager ,collect wood crates then followed by food.
  • Once you have gathered 100w from crates drop down a market immediately and research Hunting dogs.
  • Send 3-4 villagers on wood and gather 50w & make a house.
  • Have 3-4 villagers on gold and gather 250 gold apart from the starting 400 coin crates.
  • Rest all vills on food ,newly trained vills go to food.
  • Send 3 villagers
  • Switch vills from gold to food once you gathered 250g.
  • Make till 15 villagers.

Note that any gold treasure in age 1 will be speeding up the aging process if you are able to reach 800f before getting the 15th vill ,you can age with 14 vills directly.Next aim in age 1 is to find wood treasure else anything is fine.

  • Gather till 800f and age up with The Quatermaster granting you 400w.


The goal here is to build a Bank before aging up. 

  • Split your vills into food & wood most villagers on wood because of slow gather rate ,keep 10 vills on wood rest on food and re-adjust depending on macro for 350f/350w.
  • Once you have enough resources build a Bank. Put 5 villagers on gold to get a vill queue’d before age 2 and rest goes to food.

Age 2

  • Collect the 400 wood crates.
  • Send 1 bank Wagon.

This lets you get out the next shipment fast without wasting any villager seconds and also good value in terms of making units early on, there will be no struggle in completing full batches.

  • Drop down a barracks/stable from 200w.
  • 7-8 vills on coin rest on food.
  • Queue Skirmisher/Hussar depending on the choice of the building you went ,if Hussar need more on food than gold ,if skirmisher the opposite.

If you choose to go skrims ,make sure you get pikes from 700w or send it after that card to be safe

  • Send 700w

From 700w you build houses ,get market tech up like steep traps ,get a bank

  • Send 700f

You can skip this if you are not having trouble for food income for additional banks.This is to ensure you build more banks ,you will be having less food when making units continuously.

  • Send 600w/8 pikes

This is to extend your production by adding a second military building and also if you want to finish your 5th bank.

  • Send 700g

You can use this for massing more or choose to go age 3.


  1. Anonymous

    ummm no the point of the market opening is you buy the wood intransition by mining coin. also this build in age2 is a bit wierd? ive never articulated this BO before haha

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