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Ethiopia : Mahouts Semi-FF!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Timing Attack

Toot toot!

It's time to stomp your opponents! This Ethiopian Semi-FF uses livestock to its full potential. Thanks to it, we can Semi-FF in 8:30 and ... have enough Influence to get 15 Canonniers and 3 Mahouts before 12:00, with a bunch of Gascenyas! This very well rounded and powerfull composition will allow you to deal with nearly anything in your way.

This build order will shine in slower matchups, the ones loving their cav Semi-FF. I will often surprise your opponent with a unit type we often don't see from Ethiopia : Heavy Cavalry! This will lead in your opponent having to panick train Dragoons while you absolutly decimate his Skirmishers.

This build order is dedicated to Thomas, and all the Mahouts lovers!

  • Insane timing attack + Mahouts
  • Really strong economy setup, especially if the game drags out + Mahouts
  • A lot of Influence for an Ethiopian BO, and makes excellent use of it + Mahouts
  • Hard to raids in the early game + Mahouts
  • Vulnerable to rushes
  • Slower than a naked FF
  • Never enough Mahouts, but still .. Mahouts

Livestock is broken! This Build Order has one simple idea : get a ton of livestock, use the resources to reach Fortress Age, sell the livestock for Influence, use the Influence! Using the Jesuites and the Indians, we are going to be able to spam a lot of shipments while building a really strong economy.

All that Influence is going to sustain your economic boom while at the same time allowing you to train the powerfull Mahouts and get access to the Canonniers!

Alongside all of those “gimmicks”, the solid and reliable Gascenyas will make sure we reach our timings safely. Our late game scaling is incredible, with a TON of upgrades for pretty much anything. Late game Javelin Riders, Gascenyas and Neftenyas are absolute beast, alongside the powerfull Mortar Sebastopol and Mahouts!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Build your Livestock Market and task your Cows to it
  • As soon as you can, queue a Villager and start building a Granary
  • Make sure to herd your first hunt between your Town Center and Granary. You will need 3 Animals to age up, or 2 Bisons

Look out for wood treasures and food treasure. Your Emir is an absolute beast, put him to work!

  • As soon as you can have 200 wood or more (thanks to treasures) by selling a Cow at your Livestock Market for wood, do so and build a Trading Post
  • Send the Infinite 4 Cows card, make sure to task them to your Livestock Market
  • As you are left with 2 villagers in queue, bring a Cow near your villagers and eat it with at least 5 villagers to quicken the age up time
  • Age up with the Jesuites Alliance, for 400 experience and a Church Builder


  • Put all villagers on wood but 1 herding. Research your first wood gathering upgrade in your Livestock Market
  • Build a House and research your first Granary upgrade, then gather an extra 200 wood before putting all your villagers to food
  • Send the Infinite 4 Cows card again

Age 2

  • Build your War Camp, Monastery and Church, gather your XP crates, and put your Monastery on half coin, half Influence
  • Send Jesuite Influence
  • Put 5 Villagers on wood, rest on food
  • Send 4 Villagers and build another House
  • Sell a Cow for 300 wood, and start training up to 10 Gascenyas
  • Sell a Cow for 400 coin, get your second food upgrade in your Granary
  • After you trained your 10 Gascenyas, put all your villagers on food
  • Send your first Big Benny!
  • Sell Big Benny for coin and Age up with the Indian Alliance, for 500 Influence, an Indian Market Builder, and enabling the Mahouts and Howdahs in your Palaces. Make sure to fast age with the tech in your Monastery!


  • Put 6 Villagers on wood and train more Gascenyas while building the Houses required for it
  • Put 4 Villagers on your Influence crates, they will then gather wood as well

Age 3

  • Build your second Monastery and your Indian Market (8:30)
  • Research Goa Subordination in your Monastery, for a Villager with each shipment
  • Send 1000 wood
  • Get your first food upgrade in your Indian Market
  • With the 1000 wood, build a LOT of Houses and your Palace. Keep 5 Villagers on wood, put 8 on your Monastery
  • Sell a Cow for coin and another for Wood, then research Royal Banket
  • With the wood and coin, research Elite Infantry in your War Camp, your first coin upgrade in your Livestock Market and the livestock fattening upgrade
  • With the Influence, send the 15 Canonniers and train up to 3-4 Mahouts, then get all your economic upgrades in your Indian Market
  • As your Canonniers and Mahouts arrive / finish training, push your opponent (before 12:00). Train more Gascenyas behind and make sure to train as many Cows as possible with your coin

From there, it’s up to you! Use the Mortar Sebastopol or Gascenyas shipment to support your timing attack, or send 2 fully fattened Cows and second Big Benny to get your livestock economy rolling again.

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