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[NERFED] France 12/10!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Semi Fast Fortress

Behold ! As today we are going to focus on a very competitive build order. You want to climb the ladder ? You want to learn how to play the game properly at the same time ? "Très bien !", France it is !

The 12/10 ! If you haven't heard about it you must have missed the competitive scene the last few months. This build order is pretty much everywhere because of how efficient it is while staying flexible !

Need some cav ? Oui. Need some infantry ? Oui. Should i stay in Commercial Age or transition in Fortress Age ? Oui. Can i rush ? Oui. Is my eco going to keep up ? Oui. This build must have a weakness ?? Non.

  • Extremely flexible
  • Extremely competitive
  • Extremely punishing to play against
  • Oui.
  • Non.
  • Ok you need food from a treasure or livestock in age 1
  • Got nerf in the 2nd of February 2021 patch, need even more treasure or livestock age 1

Flexibility ! This build order strenght is all about scouting your opponent and adapting. Since you will be the first to age up, you can constantly be one step ahead ! Use your Native Scout and Explorer to look at his base :

  • My opponent hunts are far from his Town Center ? Let’s send 3 Hussars and mess up with his economy right away
  • My opponent is going for a naked Fast Fortress ? Let’s train 20 Musketers and crush his hopes and dreams
  • Oh he his going to turtle ? Semi Fast Fortress into a timing attack

This is why this build order has seen a LOT of play in tournaments. It has an answer for every situation, and it’s on you to have a correct understanding of the situation and adapt accordingly. The better player almost never loose with this build order, since their is no blindspot or specific weakness to attack.

Army composition wise, we can go for absolutly anything and adapt our composition to fit specific purposes :

  • Pikemen and Crossbowmen in the Commercial Age for a rush
  • Musketeers and Hussars in the Commercial Age for contain or a timing attack in this same age
  • Skirmishers, Dragoons and Cuirassiers in the Fortress Age is the go to mid to late game composition

They are pretty much as many variants to this build order as they are civilisations in the game ! So today i will cover one of the most competitive one, the Hussars semi Fast Fortress !

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Extremely good build order against faction that are slow to age and build up but in the end want to fight your low tech units in the late Commercial Age. Sweden or Japan are perfect examples. 

Age 1

In this age we need to find livestock or a food treasure ! Use your Native scout and Explorer to find those resources !

  • Gather your crates, then put all your Coureur des bois on hunts
  • Build a Trading Post with your explorer
  • Queue Coureur des bois until you reach 9/10 population, then send 3 Coureur des bois, bringing you to 12/10 population (thus the name of this build order)
  • Once you reach 800 food, age up with The Quatermaster, for 400 wood

You should be clicking the age up around 2:25.


  • Swap all but 2 Coureur des bois on wood. Those 2 Coureur des bois should herd nearby hunts towards your Town Center
  • Build a Market, swap 3 Coureur des bois to coin as you do. Research Hunting Dogs (food)
  • Build an House, swap 2 more Coureur des bois to coin as you do and the rest on food

Age 2

You should be aging up around 4:05 minutes.

  • Send 4 Coureur des bois

Here you can adapt. If you opponent hunts are far away from his town center, or he is late to age up, send 3 Hussars instead and start pressuring him !

  • Use 2 Coureur des bois from food to gather your Wood crates, then put them on coin. With those 400 wood, build one more House, a Stable, and another House
  • Start training Hussars as soon as possible, you should be able to complete a batch
  • Send 700 wood. With than wood, we are going to research Steel Traps (food) and Placer Mines (coin) in our Market, add a Barracks and 3 Houses.
  • You should be able to train a second batch on Hussars in you start training them just after clicking for your market upgrades

This brings us to a total of 10 Hussars, enough to control the map and force our opponent to stay in his base !

  • Send 700 coin, macro towards 1200 food and 300 coin
  • Gather your crates, age up with The Exiled Prince, for a Fast Age Up


  • Swap 4 Coureur des bois on wood and research Gang Saw (wood), then split the rest half on food and half on coin

Age 3

You should be aging up around 8:15.

  • Send 5 Dragoons. In the meantime, produce two batches of Dragoons and keep constant Skirmishers production. The goal is to reach around 15 Dragoons and around 30 Skirmishers. You should aim to take small skirmishes as soon as you have a reasonnable mass
  • Add Houses and a second Barracks
  • Send 2 Falconets, you should be able to beat almost any army at this point. Try to keep your Dragoon and Skirmisher mass alive. As long as they don’t die you have map control. The falconets are here to force your opponent into suiciding a lot of his troops to kill them
  • Send 3 Cuirassiers and start training Cuirassiers. The goal is to have a dozen of them. Once you have that dozen, force the fight while sending Cavalry Combat ! Use your Cuirassiers as tanks and snare bot, while your Dragoon and Skirmishers kill their respective targets : Skirmishers your opponent Dragoon and / or Heavy infantry, Dragoons your opponent Cavalry. By doing so your Skirmisher and Dragoon mass, “your DPS”, stays alive !

As i said this basic template can be adapted in many many different ways. The execution detailled here is a solid Semi Fast Fortress with France. It’s up to you to understand if going Fortress Age is a good choice or if you should stay in Commercial Age and train units with those 700 coin you sent.

Are Hussars the best age 2 choice in your situation or should you play more defensive and go for 20 Musketeers instead !

It’s really up to you to make the best out of this basic but very efficient build order !


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