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German Silversmith Fast Fortress!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Fast Fortress

Finally! Germany is finally making it's entry on the website! I'm not going to lie to you guys, i hate playing this civilisation.. But you shouldn't! They are absurdingly strong especially in the hand of very mechanical players.

This build order is a variation we have seen popping around since DE. By using Silversmith, it can outlast the usual Fast Fortress build order, and is less subject to contain strategies!

  • Extremely powerful after hitting Fortress Age
  • Can mass a huge Cavalry mass, for free!
  • Excellent economy
  • Slightly slower to age than the normal FF
  • Very reliant on Trading Post and reaching Fortress Age
  • Will eat through coin mines

If you have never played the Germans before, be aware that their early macro requires a LOT of practice. The Settler Wagons gather so fast you can quickly end up with too much of one ressources. On the other end, German oppeners have been around for years and are very optimised. They leave little to no room for mistakes, as every little mistake will snowball and slow your age up times.

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s jump on the build order! Why is this strong? This one in particular make use of Silversmith, a card allowing you to boost the gather rate of your settlers on coin mines, but also to boost the total amount of gold on mines by 20%!

This is huge for the Germans as everything cost a ton of coin for them. This strategy may be a few seconds slower, but will outlast the standard German build order!

However one more warning. This BO is quite exposed to timing attacks. If you can’t reach Fortress Age under or around 8 minutes on a very regular basis, you are going to struggle when jumping on the ladder.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Quick tip : always build with Settler Wagons, always herd with normal Settlers!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates and build a Market as fast as possible. Put all your Settler Wagon on coin
  • Buy 100 wood in your market, then gather an extra 50 coin. Research Hunting Dogs (food), then swap your villagers to wood
  • Chop the 50 wood missing and build an House. Put all your villagers on food

This early macro require a lot of practice and MUST be executed almost perfectly, floating as little resources as possible.

  • Send 2 Settler Wagons
  • Research Gang Saw (wood)

Prefer aging early and researching Gang Saw in transition to avoid idle time if you can’t afford it yet!

  • Age up at 17 population with The Quartermaster, for 400 wood


  • Swap all your villagers to wood but 2 herding
  • Build a Trading Post and research Placer Mines (coin), then gather an extra 125 wood
  • As Placer Mine finishes, swap 4-5 Settler Wagons on coin. The goal is to reach 125 coin
  • Swap all your villagers to food after reaching both 125 wood and coin
  • Queue a villager

Age 2

Age up should be around 4:30!

  • Send 3 Settler Wagons
  • Research Steel Traps (food)
  • Gather your crates. Build in order an House, a Stable, and another House
  • Send Silversmith, as it arrives, swap all your villagers on coin but 6 on food to keep settler production
  • Macro towards 1200 food and 1000 coin. Sell your food if you are over 1200 to speed age up time!
  • Age up with The Exiled Prince, for a Fast Age Up


  • Swap all your Settler Wagons to wood, split the rest of your villager half on food, half on coin
  • Build a Barrack and 2 Houses. Then keep 3 Settler Wagons on wood and split the rest, half on food, half on coin. Everytime you have 100 wood, build an House

Age 3

You should age up before 8 minutes!

  • Send 3 War Wagons
  • Start training Skirmishers and War Wagons from your Barrack and Stable. The goal is to slowly build a mass on 40 Skirmishers and 15 to 20 War Wagons. After that, start training Uhlans!

As your first batches finish, you should be in a solid position to start pressuring the map! And retake map control. Try to secure new hunts and coin mine for your villagers to gather.

  • Send 8 Skirmishers
  • Send 9 Uhlans. Buy the extra wood you need for your Uhlan Veterancy upgrade
  • Send Cavalry Combat, push your opponent!

This is a really strong timing that should be game winning! If not, you will have to gear up for a longer game by sending 1000 wood and getting more Town Centers. Switch to Mills and Estates only if you can’t contest gathering spots anymore. You should try to fight for and secure coin mines and hunts as much as possible instead!

If you are looking for ways to adapt this build order, especially against early pressure, i highly suggest watching this video. We can see two different approaches from two of the best players on the planet, both using the Silversmith build order!


      • DHB

        “Send Silversmith, as it arrives, swap all your villagers on coin but 6 on food to keep settler production” should settler wagons all stay on food here, and all but 6 standard settlers go to coin? I find that I’m gathering coin very fast when I leave just six hunters

      • Kenoky

        it’s the goal, to gather extremely fast in order to age, or train some uhlans. In case you have to train uhlans, swap a few villagers / settler wagons back to food

  1. Anonymous

    Nice build order.
    I’m just unsure wheter it would be preferable to rush down TP for earlier shipment of that valuable SW and Silversmith + extra security through more Ulans compared to fast market.
    Keep up the good work!

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