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Mitoe Germany rush!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



I was looking for a Germany Commercial Age build order for a while. You can imagine how pleased I was when Mitoe used this strategy against Kaiserklein Ottomans, successfully! He qualified to the ESOC Challenge Cup semi-finals thanks to it!

This build order is nothing complex or game breaking, simply very efficient. A lot of units very fast has always been and will always be a solid way to approach any RTS. Otherwise be warned, as usual with the Germans, you will have a lot to do very quickly!

  • Hits fast and hard
  • Excellent raiding
  • Well rounded composition thanks to Uhlans
  • Sacrifice economy a little bit
  • Will likely never reach Fortress Age

The biggest strenght of this build order comes from Germany unique trait : every shipment will arrive with extra Uhlans, a fragile but very hard hitting cavalry. This allow Germany to both hit faster but also harder, with a more varied composition than usual from similar strategies! The Uhlan are also extremely good raiding units, forcing your opponent to stay in his base.

On top of that, the strategy isn’t completly all in, thanks to the Settler Wagons and the usual German Market oppening! This leads to a very sustainable strategy, that will be able to remass multiple times.

As always with the Germans, the build order requires a lot of practice. You Settler Wagons gather extremely fast, leading to big macro mistakes very quickly. Practise this BO extensively to get the most out of it!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Quick tip : always build with Settler Wagons, always herd with normal Settlers!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates and build a Market as fast as possible. Put all your Settler Wagon on coin
  • Buy 100 wood in your market, then gather an extra 50 coin. Research Hunting Dogs (food), then swap your villagers to wood
  • Chop the 50 wood missing and build an House. Put all your villagers on food

This early macro require a lot of practice and MUST be executed almost perfectly, floating as little resources as possible.

  • Send 2 Settler Wagons
  • Research Gang Saw (wood)

Prefer aging early and researching Gang Saw in transition to avoid idle time if you can’t afford it yet!

  • Age up at 17 population with The Quartermaster, for 400 wood


  • Swap all your villagers to wood but 2 herding
  • Build a Trading Post, then gather an extra 325 wood and 125 coin. After that, keep all your Settler Wagons + one villager on wood, the rest on food
  • Queue 1-2 villagers

Age 2

  • Build a Barrack, send 8 Crossbowmen + 2 Uhlans, and research Steel Traps (food). Then build 2 Houses
  • As the Barrack finishes to build, train a batch of Pikemen, then Crossbowmen, then Pikemen again. After that, train the units you need (15 Pikemen should be the maximum). Add Houses when needed

Push your opponent outward buildings as soon as possible and try to deny him access to hunts. Destroy his infrastructure with pike siege, kill villagers with Uhlans raids, and keep his army at bay with your Crossbowmen.

  • Send 3 Settler Wagons + 2 Uhlans and keep training units. Keep putting Settler Wagons on wood and villagers on food
  • Send 700 wood + 2 Uhlans. Build a second Barrack and a Stable. Research Placer Mines (coin), then build more Houses. At that point, you need your 8 Settler Wagons and 2 villagers on wood, the rest on food. The goal is to produce double batches of infantry until we reach critical mass (15 to 20 Pikemen, 30+ Crossbowmen). Then we are going to keep only 5 Settler Wagons on wood, put the rest on coin with 7 villagers, and the rest of the villagers on food. That way you will be able to sustain production from a simple Barrack + Uhlan production from your Stable

When trying the build order for the first times, you macro will be all other the place. Don’t be afraid to quickly swap villagers / settler wagons to gather the ressources you need and use your market to correct macro mistakes

  • Send 5 Uhlans. This is a massive power spike, make sure to push your opponent!
  • Send 700 coin and use it to train even more Uhlans!

By that point, your opponent should be overwhelmed and out of ressources. If not, you should be able to quite easily macro for an age up and transition into a longer game. Use your pikes and crossbows to trade down your opponent army, but try to keep your Uhlans mass alive, as Uhlan Veterancy upgrade and Cavalry Combat will allow them to scale very nicely in Fortress Age.

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