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Haudenosaunee water boom : clean!!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



It's not often we come across one of those build order and every thing feels so damn clean. Played by OptiBB during the ESOC Challenge Cup, i can only suggest every one to try this one! Want to boom with Haudenosaunee, look no further!

With this strategy, we are going to perform an insane water and land boom at the same time. By 6:30, we will have 40 villagers / fishing boats combined and we will be starting to age up to Fortress Age!

  • Incredible boom
  • Relatively safe!
  • Incredible Fortress Age and Industrial Age army compositions
  • The slow transition to Fortress Age can be exploited

How do we achieve that many villagers at 6:30? We first age up with The Messenger! That’s the main difference between this build order and the other water boom one that exist. This will allow us to ship 5 villagers faster, and to start training more faster as well.

However, this has the drawback of making the transition to Fortress Age slower and more awkward. That’s where we will divert from OptiBB execution towards a safer one. Don’t get me wrong, OptiBB approach is good if your opponent is going as greedy as your are. But on the ladder, i wouldn’t bet on that. Play it safe guys, loose 10 seconds before you start your transition and get a few units out.

Second major difference we are going to go for is in the deck : the 9 Cherokee Riflemen shipment! Why this card? During our transition, we are going to bank a lot of coin. Nothing wrong with that as that coin will be needed once we reach Fortress Age. However, it is a dead resource as long as we don’t reach the Fortress Age, since no Comercial Age units cost coin. The Cherokees will allow us to respond to aggressions with a powerfull shipment, while spending this otherwise useless coin. What if nothing is coming? We simply cancel the shipment!

Also, as with any Water Boom, you don’t want to go over 4 * the number of whales on the sea + 8 fishing boats. Otherwise you will have to delete too many of them.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Game casted by the one and only Aussie_Drongo! OptiBB looses this game because of the slow transition to Fortress Age, but our approach and deck are looking to patch the issue nicely!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates. Use your Travois to build a dock and start training a Fishing Boat. Every villager should go on wood, every boat should go on food
  • Build a Longhouse. I highly suggest you to do two other things at the same time : herd your starting hunt towards your Town Center and start walling with your Longhouse
  • Keep 6 villagers on wood, the rest on food
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • As you train your 5th Fishing Boat, swap all villagers to food
  • We are going to age up at 5 Fishing Boats and 16 Villagers with The Messenger, for a Fast Age Up and a Travois


  • Swap all but one villager to wood. That villager must go herding nearby hunt
  • Train Fishing Boats and queue a villager. Do not go over 24 population

Age 2

  • Send 5 Villagers
  • Use your Travois to build a War Hut, and build a Longhouse and a Tribal Marketplace
  • As the 5 Villagers arrive, you want 10 villagers on the Tribal Marketplace, 6 on wood and the rest on food
  • Send the 300 food, 300 wood and 200 coin crates
  • As they arrive, we will reach 40 population. Use your Town Center Big Button for 5 Tomahawks. Research Gill Nets in your Dock. Build a Longhouse
  • Age up with The Chieff, for 6 Villagers and a Travois

You should click around 6:40!


  • Keep 10 villagers on coin, 12 on wood, the rest on food
  • Train Tomahawks and send 9 Cherokee Allies. We will cancel that shipment if nothing is coming
  • Research Long Lines in your Dock and then keep training Fishing Boats
  • Make sure to have 200 wood as you age up

Age 3

You should age up around 9 minutes!

  • Research Elite Tomahawks and press your Town Center Big Button once again, for 10 Tomahawks
  • Send 8 Forest Prowlers or 5 French Cuirassiers behind that
  • Build a Stable with your Travois

From there, it’s up to you! Your economy is absolutly insane at that point and you should be able to train Forest Prowlers and Musket Riders constantly.

With that army, contest nearby resources, make sure to build War Huts to secure those, and slowly but surely grind your opponent with your economy.

A transition to Industrial Age with The Chieff can also be done very quickly to get access to the Light Canons!


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    I’ll send you a message on discord to thank you personally.

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