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Is Fast Industrial viable for the Haudenosaunee ?

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Timing Attack

When we think of Fast Industrial strategies, we often look only at European civilisations. Today we are taking a look at an Haudenosaunee Fast Industrial with a lot going for it.

If reaching Industrial Age at 9 minutes and push around 11 minutes is your thing, look no further !

You will then be able to transition nicely into one of the scariest late game composition : Forest Prowlers, Light Cannons, Mantlets and Musket Riders ! Meanwhile, the crates shipments will carry your economy !

  • Reaches Industrial Age in record times
  • Very good late game army composition
  • Can branch out if needed
  • Good economic setup
  • Exposed to early aggression
  • No control over your opponent gameplan

This strategy relies on a core mechanic of every native factions : Big Buttons ! In exchange of ressources, they give you good shipments to shift the tempo in your favor.

This mechanic synergises very well with Fast Industrial strategies, as the card Old Ways will drastically discount the price of those big buttons. This compensate for all the ressources you spended in order to reach Industrial Age in the first place and allow you to create a massive power spike !

In term of military composition, we are going for the most well rounded one first : Tomahawk and Light Cannons. This should allow you to stabilise versus pretty much anything. Then we are going to transition towards a Forest Prowlers and Musket Riders comp. Finally, we will start adding siege units again, notably Mantlets and Light Cannons.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather 100 food from your crates, then swap all villagers but 2 on wood. The last 2 keep gathering crates
  • Chop for 100 wood on top of the 100 wood from your crates. Build a Trading Post. Swap all your villagers to food
  • Build a Longhouse with your Travois
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • Age up with The Chief, for 3 Villagers and a Travois


  • Swap all your villagers but 5 on wood. 2 of your 5 food villagers should go herding nearby hunts
  • Chop enough wood for a Tribal Marketplace, put 3 villagers on it. Then build a Market, and research Hunting Dogs (food). Then build a second Longhouse and get 5-6 villagers on coin, the rest on food

Age 2

  • Send 600 coin and 5 Villagers
  • Use your Travois to build a War Hut in your base
  • Gather your coin and age up with The Wise Woman, for 300 food, 200 wood, 200 coin and a Travois


  • Get 10 villagers on coin, the rest on food

Age 3

  • Send 1200 resources crates, they will arrive as you start aging up
  • Build a Siege Workshop with your Travois
  • Gather your crates from the age up (first coin, then food, then wood), immediatly age with The Messenger, for a Fast Age Up


From there everything will go extremely quickly. Wake up from the rather slow early game !

  • Gather the crates from your shipment with 3 to 5 villagers
  • Build a Community Plaza. Put it on XP generating dance. The goal is to have a shipment as you age up, add as many villagers as needed
  • Split your villagers this way : 8 on coin, 12 on wood, enough for a shipment on the plaza (between 5 to 8) and the rest on food
  • Research Elite Tomahawks

Age 4

You should be up around 9 minutes !! At any point if you have an excess of one ressource, put some villagers on the plaza for extra XP

  • Send Old Ways immediatly, swap your plaza villagers back to food and coin (10 on coin max)
  • Research Champion Tomahawks
  • Build an Estate with your Travois
  • As Old Ways arrives, you will press the Town Center big button 3 times in a row
  • In the meantime, send 4 Light Cannons and use the Longhouse big button for extra wood in order to build more Longhouses
  • Use your Market big button to gain extra shipments, allowing you to send 16 Tomahawks, for a total of 46, and Infantry Combat. Research the upgrade for your Light Cannons in your Siege Workshop

We should be around 11 to 12 minutes into the game as those two shipments arrive. This army should be able to stabilise or even pressure your opponent.

From there it’s really up to you ! Put 25 villagers on your plaza to spam infinite crate shipments. Use the Estate big button to send a new Town Center and 10 Villagers. Get your upgrades for your Forest Prowlers and Musket Riders and start massing them (don’t train Tomahawks unless you are forced to !).

Use your 7 Mantlets infinite shipment to buff up your unit composition hp pool in later fights.

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