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Hausa : Semi-FF into 5 Falconnets timing!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Timing Attack

"What is this guy talking about? Hausa and Falconnets? Is he drunk?"

You would have though a civilisation without access to artillery would be one of the best at doing a 5 Falconnets timing push.. That's Africa for you baby! Alongside 14 Lifidis with aoe, over 20 Corsair Marksmen and 15 to 20 Javelin Riders, this timing attack around 14:00 is one of the deadliest!

14:00? Isn't that a bit late? I forgot to mention, we slow down the timing attack quite a bit because... We are also rushing our opponent with 11 Raiders in his base around 5:00! Hausa is 100% a perfectly balanced civilisation. Oh and of course, this build order isn't all in at all and sets up proper infrastructure in the mid game. What a day to be alive really!

  • Early pressure for early damage. Will heavily disrupt your opponent!
  • Very good infrastructure setup
  • Excellent Fortress Age army composition
  • Easy strategy to execute
  • Can defend against most rushes
  • The Fortress Age transition can be tricky, especially if your raid didn't paid off at all
  • Not the fastest timing push out there, but a very unexpected composition

This build order concept is extremely simple : enable the fastest Raiders raid possible, transition to Fortress Age, send all the highest value shipments afterwards! Throw a big Influence spike in the middle, use that to train Artillery, and you got your build order!

The biggest strenght of that timing attack is how diverse, high quality, and unexpected this army composition is. Lifidis Knights and Javelin Riders? Sure people knows your will train these. Corsair Marksmen? That’s a huge upgrade from the usual Fulanis in early Fortress Age. 5 Falconnets? If your opponent pre-emptively build culverins against you, this build order would have become far more popular than expected!

The only thing missing with this timing attack would be our Javelin Riders and Lifidis Elite upgrades, but i couldn’t find any room for these. The Lifidi upgrade is only 10% in Fortress Age, but the Javelin Riders one in particular is 25% and would greatly help… Maybe a future improvement coming!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

This age 1 execution is the standart 10/10 Opening. I urge you to master it since 80% of Hausa build orders start this way! Only the age up option varies.

Age 1

  • Build your Livestock Market and task your Cows to it
  • As soon as you can, queue a Villager and start building a Granary
  • Make sure to herd your first hunt between your Town Center and Granary. You will need 3 Animals to age up, or 2 Bisons

Look out for wood treasures and food treasure. Your Emir is an absolute beast, put him to work!

  • As soon as you can have 200 wood or more (thanks to treasures) by selling a Cow at your Livestock Market for wood, do so and build a Trading Post. Put your Trading Post on Influence
  • Send the 300 Influence card
  • As you are left with 2 villagers in queue, bring a Cow near your villagers and eat it with at least 5 villagers to quicken the age up time
  • Age up with the Songhais Alliance, for 300 coin and a camp Builder


  • Put all villagers on wood but 1 gathering your Influence crates and then herding. Research your first wood gathering upgrade in your Livestock Market
  • Build 2 Houses and research your first Granary upgrade, then transition all your villagers to food
  • As soon as you have 500 Influence, switch your Trading Post on XP again

If you got a good wood treasure, you may consider gathring up to 100 extra wood to get your second Granary upgrade early.

Age 2

  • Call the 5 Raiders from your Town Center big button, go raid your opponent immediatly (around 4:45 in your opponent base)
  • Build a Tower in base
  • Send 6 Raiders, rally them to your raid (around 5:20 in your opponent base)

Keep your Raiders alive! Try to kill some villagers, siege your opponent exposed Houses or Trading Post! If your raid completly failed and your opponent plays a civilisation able to perform a timing push in late Commercial Age (pre 10:00), you might want to stay in Commercial Age as well.

  • Gather your coin crates
  • Send a Palace + 300 Influence. Build your Palace in base, anticipate your future university placement
  • As you reach 1200 food, sell 3 cows in this order : coin, wood, coin
  • Age up with Moroccans Alliance, for 700 experience and a Church Builder


  • Build an University as soon as possible and keep it on Influence. Sell food for coin in your Livestock Market if needed
  • Put 7 villagers on coin, rest on food, get your first coin upgrade in your Livestock Market and build an House (chop a bit if needed)
  • The age up time is 120 seconds, you are going to reduce it by 50 seconds, making it 70 seconds. You need to send your Hausa Kingdom card so it arrives as soon as possible after aging, or 31 seconds after you started aging (around 6:55 to 7:00 usually)

Age 3

You should age around 7:30!

  • Gather your XP crates, send 1000 wood to greed or 8 Javelin Riders to play it safe
  • With the wood and your builders, build your second Trading Post, University, and Palace, a War Camp, 3 Houses and a Town Center. Train Javelin Riders in your War Camp as soon as possible, you need around 20 of them
  • Get the goat per shipment upgrade from the Maroccans Aliance in your University
  • Send 8 Javelin Riders or 1000 wood
  • Get Arma Garrison in your University, build the second Tower and train Marksmen Corsairs
  • Send 5 Lifidis, put 5 Villagers on wood, and sell a cow for wood to build 3 Houses
  • Unlock the Artillery in your Palace
  • Send 4 Lifidis, start training Falconnets, start training Lifidis, sell a Cow for coin if needed
  • As your batch of Falconnets is halfway done, research Royal Banket, and sell 2 cows, one for wood and one for coin
  • Build all the Houses you need, complete your batches of Lifidis and Falconnets, and start marching towards your opponent base
  • Send Durbar Festival, so all your Lifidis get an AOE attack! As it arrives, take the fight (around 14:00)

From there, it’s up to you! Keep training villagers, get your economy rolling, and adjust your army composition to your opponent.

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