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Hausa : Too much Influence !

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1



It's been way too long since my last post, I hope you are doing as fine as I do guys! It's time to have fun with the African civs, and boy they are amazing!

Before going any further : both Hausa and Ethiopia are ... pretty strong at the moment. The strategy I will showcase today isn't the best in both of those matchups, because both of them have insanely strong rushes. However, if there is some sort of gentleman agreement and you see your opponent not doing a 10/10 Opening, this build order has a lot of potential.

11Raiders early to put some pressure, followed by 3 Universities, one Palace and 2 Trading Posts before 7:30, 3 Palaces before 8:30! This build order sets up an impressive infrastructure extremely fast, generating a ton of Influence and providing good map control.

  • Unmatched Influence generation
  • Still able to batch units very early
  • Extremely flexible once the initial setup is done
  • Hard to pressure once the palaces are up
  • Vulnerable to some of the hardest hitting rushes (pre 5:30)
  • Your builders are very vulnerable and expensive

This build order is going to use the very powerfull 10/10 Opening up african civs can do. But unlike rushes, we are going to use that time to build our base rather than units, notably thanks to the Hausa age up and its ability to train Kingdom Builders for Influence! The goal is to get as many Univerties and Places as possible before our opponent can start pressuring us. Thanks to how expensive those buildings are, we are going to get a lot of experience, and spam shipments one after the other to mitigate the early game tempo loss.

It’s after the initial setup, and the 6th / 7th shipments, the build order really starts kicking in. With Lifidi Knights in Commercial Age, plenty of upgrades for your units, the ability to batch extremely powerful Magadais alongside regular units, this build order is a late Commercial Age monster! Did i forgot to mention the 4 Town Centers around 14:00 … in Commercial Age!

On top of that, the build order can quickly transition into Fortress Age at any time to unlock more upgrades for your units or even start training Artillery!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

This age 1 execution is the standart 10/10 Opening. I urge you to master it since 80% of Hausa build orders start this way! Only the age up option varies.

Age 1

  • Build your Livestock Market and task your Cows to it
  • As soon as you can, queue a Villager and start building a Granary
  • Make sure to herd your first hunt between your Town Center and Granary. You will need 3 Animals to age up, or 2 Bisons

Look out for wood treasures and food treasure. Your Emir is an absolute beast, put him to work!

  • As soon as you can have 200 wood or more (thanks to treasures) by selling a Cow at your Livestock Market for wood, do so and build a Trading Post
  • Send the Infinite 4 Cows card, make sure to task them to your Livestock Market
  • As you are left with 2 villagers in queue, bring a Cow near your villagers and eat it with at least 5 villagers to quicken the age up time
  • Age up with the Hausa Alliance, forĀ 300 wood and a Builder


  • Put all villagers on wood but 1 herding. Research your first wood gathering upgrade in your Livestock Market
  • Build 2 Houses and research your first Granary upgrade, then transition all your villagers to food
  • Make sure to send Hausa Kingdom timed so it arrives just as you age up (around 60% of the bar). That way you will received a Trading Post Builder and an University Builder as you age up

Age 2

  • Build your War Camp, a Trading Post and a University with your builders. Your University must be in range of your Town Center, allowing a Palace to be built in range as well and covering the front of your base

Keep Trading Posts on XP and Universities on Influence.

  • Send 6 Raiders
  • Gather your wood crates, build 2 Houses
  • Sell one Cow for coin (around 320), and research the second Granary upgrade
  • Train 5 Raiders
  • As you get your 11 Raiders, pressure your opponent (5:40 in opponent base)
  • Sell another Cow for coin (around 300) and another one for wood (around 250) and research Royal Banket in your Livestock Market
  • You will gain a ton of Influence, immediatly train 2 to 3 Kingdom Builders. With them, build a Palace to defend the front of your base, and 2 Universities next to your Trading Posts (7:30 everything should be up and running)
  • Send 700 coin. Start training Javelin Riders once the shipment is halfway there

Once you reach 16 Villagers, put the 4 of them on coin and task new villagers to coin. Get more Kingdom Builders as soon as possible!

  • As the 700 coin arrives, gather it to complete the training of 10 Javelin Riders and build your 4th University with your Emir (around 8:30)
  • Send 700 wood, as it arrives the goal is to train 13 Fulanis and build 3 Houses. Get 5 of your coin villagers onto wood. Stop training Kingdom Builders

You can and should reverse 700 coin and 700 wood if you face a musketeer heavy civilisation.

  • Send 7 Fulanis, they should arrive as you complete your last batch. Then back to training Javelin Riders
  • Send Rumfa Cavalry (around 10:00), to ship 5 Lifidi Knights and allow them to be recruited in Commercial Age. Start training Kingdom Builders again
  • Sell one cow for coin, one for wood. Get your first coin and second wood gathering upgrade in your Livestock Market and build more Houses
  • As the Lifidis arrive, train more of them while pushing your opponent

From there, it’s up to you !

Palace + 300 export to stay longer in Commercial Age and do the 4 Town Centers transition faster ?

Cavalry attack to boost all your Lifidis and crush your opponent ?

Fulanis range upgrade so heavy infantry is not a problem anymore ?

Dane Guns to start batching Magadais ?

12 Knife Throwers to get rid of those Falconnets ?

Or even Fortress Age transition with the Fulani Alliance ? (just skip one batch of Lifidis, make sure to fast age)


  1. Kenoky

    By the way in case you are curious : yes you can skip the Raiders part and instead send a Palace + 300 Influence for even more buildings. Do I recommand it? No. 11 Raiders before 5:45 is really strong and forces your opponent to stay home to defend his Villagers and buildings.

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