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FUN : Incas Natives rush !

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1




The Incas and the Natives team up in this strategy for an hard hitting rush !

Is it the most competitive strat out there ? Probably not. Can you execute it on every single map ? No. Is it fun ? Hell yeah !! Swarm your opponent with an army of natives before 6 minutes 30 !

  • Hits fast, hits incredibly hard
  • Very fun to play
  • Completly off the rails
  • Impossible on some (most ?) maps
  • All-in !

In case you are interested by a very defensive but as unique approach to the Incas, i highly suggest you to check out this build order !

This strategy relies on a cool interaction Incas have access to. In order to make the build order work, we need a map with :

  • A Trading Post line
  • Two different Natives Tribes

One of their card, American Allies will create an alliance with 3 Natives Tribes, regardless if they are on the map or not : the Mapuches, the Zapotecs and the Caraibs.

Another card, Native Treaties, will ship natives warriors for each allied tribes ! If you allied with two more tribes, that’s up to 20 natives warriors being shipped in one card !

It also makes use of another mechanic previously showcased in this other build order : Big Buttons.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

The goal will be to research the Queen’s Festival as soon as possible. Focus on coin and food treasures !

  • Gather your crates with 3 villagers on food crates, 2 on wood crates. Train villagers as soon as possible and build a Kancha House as well
  • Task one villager to wood in order to gather up to a total of 180 wood, you should be at 165 to begin with after building your first kancha house. Then swap it to food
  • Task the rest to coin in order to gather 180 coin, a treasure can greatly speed up the process. Go to up to 5 villagers on coin
  • Task one villager to food in order to herd a hunt towards your town center. Every extra villager should be tasked on food
  • As you close towards 180 coin, bring your Lama close to your coin villager
  • Research Queen’s festival, even if it means idling your town center for a few seconds ! Switch all coin villager on the Lama, then on hunts. STOP TRAINING VILLAGERS ! You should be at 14/20 population
  • Send 2 Lamas shipment
  • As they arrive, bring them near your villagers, and gather both lama with 4 villagers each
  • As you reach 800 food, age up with The Chief, for 2 Travois


The goal is to build a Tambo (Trading Post) before aging up. Focus on wood treasures !

  • Swap all villagers but the 2 on each Lamas to wood. The Lamas one will go back on hunt after being done with the Lamas, two of them should herd nearby hunts
  • Build a Tambo as soon as possible, preferably in a foward position, close to your opponent Trading Post
  • Build a Kancha House. After that, split your villagers between wood and food in order to train the natives warriors of your choice
  • Send American Allies, it should arrive after age up
  • Make sure to properly choose your home city rally point, so your 2 Travois have minimal travel time towards the 2 Natives Tribes

Age 2

  • Research Inca Scouting Party, change the home city rally point if needed
  • Bring your 2 travois to the 2 natives tribes and start getting your Tambos up
  • Build your Native Embassy next to your foward Tambo. Start training the natives warriors of your choice
  • Queue villagers again
  • As the 5 Plumed Spearmen arrive, start sieging your opponent trading post or foward base
  • Send Native Treaties. As it arrives, your first batch of natives warriors should complete. Push your opponent with around 25 military units at 6 minutes into the game !
  • Keep training villagers and natives warrior. Macro a bit heavily for wood, as you will be able to add additionnal Kancha Houses as time goes by
  • Next card is 6 Jungle Bowmen or 5 Plumed Spearmen if you need siege

From there it’s up to you ! 600 wood to start booming with Kancha Houses ? More units ? 700 Coin to up to Fortress Age and ship Natives Combat ?

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