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FUN : the Incas Turtle their way to Fast Industrial

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME ! or maybe you should, just one time

Sometimes you want to play Dutch, but not really. You want to play a Native civilization that turtles like the Dutch. With Banks, cause Banks are cool. But this time they are called Kancha Houses and Estates.

Yes today we are going to play the Incas the way they were intended ... but the way nobody play them for very good reasons. If this doesn't discourage you and you were looking to spice up your day, let's dive in !

  • Build a strong connection with your city
  • Everything will happen in your base. No need to reach outward territories looking for ressources. You are the resources !
  • Artillery is your worst nightmare
  • Your opponent is free to torture you the way he pleases during the entire early and mid game
  • Incas are strong in the Commercial Age.. and we skip it

First of all, i want to clarify a question you may ask yourself : why ? Experimenting is fun. Trying to go off rails and find / learn new strategies is fun. And maybe one day a buff will make this strategy better. Or someone inspired by this post will refine it.

In case you are interested by a very unique strategy as Incas, by this time a rush, i highly suggest you to check out this build order.

So how does this all thing work ? Basically we are going to rely on a few things :

  • Big Buttons, already showcased in this other build order
  • Incas incredibly strong buildings, especially your Town Centers and Strongholds
  • Food to gold conversion
  • A lot of late game Shipments !

Your base layout matters a lot with this kind of strategy : create choke points, protect your ressources, make sure buildings protect each others. Pushing into your base need to be an absolute nightmare.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

The goal will be to research the Queen’s Festival¬†as soon as possible. Focus on coin and food treasures !

  • Gather your crates with 3 villagers on food crates, 2 on wood crates. Train villagers as soon as possible and build a Kancha House as well
  • Task one villager to wood in order to gather up to a total of 180 wood, you should be at 165 to begin with after building your first kancha house. Then swap it to food
  • Task the rest to coin in order to gather 180 coin, a treasure can greatly speed up the process. Go to up to 5 villagers on coin
  • Task one villager to food in order to herd a hunt towards your town center. Every extra villager should be tasked on food
  • As you close towards 180 coin, bring your Lama¬†close to your coin villager
  • Research Queen’s festival, even if it means idling your town center for a few seconds ! Switch all coin villager on the Lama, then on hunts
  • Send 2 Lamas shipment
  • As they arrive, bring them near your villagers, and gather both lama with 4 villagers each
  • As you reach 800 food, age up with The Elder, for a total of 25% food gather rate bonus


  • Swap all villagers but the 2 on each Lamas to wood. The Lamas one will go back on hunt after being done with the Lamas, two of them should herd nearby hunts
  • Build a Tambo as soon as possible, preferably as defensively as possible
  • Build a Market and chop 50 extra wood. After that, get a total of 6 villagers on food, 2 on wood to chop an extra 40 wood, the rest on coin, and research Hunting Dogs (food) in your market. As it finishes, we will have a total bonus of 35% food gather rate !
  • Queue 2 Villagers
  • Macro towards 1200 food, 40 wood and 300 coin

Age 2

  • Send 700 coin followed by 600 wood
  • As the coin arrives, gather it, and age up with The Wise Woman, for an extra shipment
  • Swap all your villagers back to food but 4 on wood


  • Gather your wood crates : build 4 Kancha Houses and a Community Plaza

Age 3

  • Send a Stronghold from your home city, and queue up the Camayos shipment !
  • As the Stronghold arrive, build it behind your Town center. Use your Chasquis to scout your opponent. Start training if needed (try to avoid it, play with your buildings !)
  • As Camayos is going to arrive, two possibilities :
    • you are perfectly fine, try to queue as many units, villagers and Town Center Big Button as possible to reduce your food down to 1200. That way you will receive 1200 coin, unqueue everything, and age up to industrial !
    • you are being pressure, make sure to get over 2000 food so you receive > 2000 coin. That way you will be able to ship a large amount of units with one of our 2 gold costing shipments before going industrial. You should be able to clean most pushes under your buildings. You can also send the age 2 card boosting your Town Center attack and buildings HP. Small trick, 5 Spearmen and 2 Chasquis boost your Stronghold attack by 70%, so make sure to put them in garrison !
  • Age up with The Messenger. Immediatly swap 15 villagers to the community plaza and start dancing for Priestess. As soon as we have 10 priestess we swap to experience generating dance. Keep 5 villagers on wood, 2 on food, the rest on coin. Research Placer Mines in your Market


  • Send the 2 Town Centers travois. Build them in order to secure a larger amount of space, you will need it

Age 4

You should be up around 10:30.

  • Send 1200 wood. With it we are going to build our infrastructure and wall up. Priorities are : 2 Warhuts, a Kallanka, Kancha Houses
  • Avoid spending too much coin, as we will need it very soon. Try to send the Big Button Discount card, Old Ways, as soon as possible. Send 1200 wood when you need to build additional infranstructure or need wood for technologies
  • As Old Ways arrives, press the Bastion and the Kallanka big buttons, for 2 Builder Travois, that we will use to build additional Strongholds, and 4 Light Canons ! Protected with walls, they will make any artillery obsolete ! Make sure to heal them if they receive damage with a priestess

From there it’s really up to you ! Boom on triple Town Centers while turtling, start sending a few Chimu Runners around the map to make your opponent go crazy ! Mass an army inside your forts and Kallankas to prepare a big push !

The Farm big button can ship lamas for extra food, you also have a 6 Lamas shipment.

Estates can generate coin passively while Kancha Houses do the same with food.

Send 1200 wood as many times as needed instead of chopping trees.

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