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No FF is allowed vs this Inca big button strategy by Aizamk !

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



A very fast hitting rush that will allow you to push your opponent with a lot of Plumed Spermen. Especially deadly versus fast fortress strategies as they will usually lack the means to counter them. Start sieging down their entire base !

This build order is also able to transition nicely. Opt for contain gameplan if your opponent is trying to contest your military in age 2. Transition into a semi Fast-Fortress if he turtles too well to be pushed.

  • Hits hard, very fast, with a ton of siege damage
  • Very flexible
  • Can quickly transition thanks to a strong economy
  • Sacrifices a bit of early boom potential

This build relies on a mechanic only native civilisation have access to : Big Buttons. Almost every building has his own, and by paying for them, you usually gain big advantages !

In this case, two big buttons are very interesting for us :

  • the Kancha House one, Queen’s Festival, allow to ship 4 Villagers for 180 food, 180 wood and 180 coin
  • the first Town Center one, Inca Scouting Party, allow to ship 5 Plumed Spearmen for 600 food

The first one will allow us to very quickly set up a strong economy, while the second one will provide us with a lot of early siege damage, a very interesting stat as most if not all fast fortress strategies relies on a Trading Post as well as very precise amount of Houses. Any distruption of those two things will vastly delay those strategies !

All the following variants will use this exact same opening

Age 1

The goal will be to research the Queen’s Festival as soon as possible. Focus on coin and food treasures !

  • Gather your crates with 3 villagers on food crates, 2 on wood crates. Train villagers as soon as possible and build a Kancha House as well
  • Task one villager to wood in order to gather up to a total of 180 wood, you should be at 165 to begin with after building your first kancha house. Then swap it to food
  • Task the rest to coin in order to gather 180 coin, a treasure can greatly speed up the process. Go to up to 5 villagers on coin
  • Task one villager to food in order to herd a hunt towards your town center. Every extra villager should be tasked on food
  • As you close towards 180 coin, bring your Lama close to your coin villager
  • Research Queen’s festival, even if it means idling your town center for a few seconds ! Switch all coin villager on the Lama, then on hunts. Train additionnal villager as soon as possible
  • Send 2 Lamas shipment
  • As they arrive, bring them near your villagers, and gather both lama with 3 villagers each
  • As you reach 800 food, age up with The Chief, for 2 Warhuts travois


The goal is to build a Tambo (Trading Post) before aging up. Focus on wood treasures !

  • Swap all villagers but the one on Lamas to wood. The Lamas one will go back on hunt after being done with the Lamas
  • Build a Tambo as soon as possible, preferably in a foward position, close to your opponent Trading Post
  • Build a Kancha House
  • Make sure to properly choose your home city rally point, so your 2 Warhuts travois have minimal travel time towards a foward base position. Make sure to secure resources with them (hunts, coin mine, wood line)

Age 2

  • Research Inca Scouting Party, change the home city rally point if needed
  • Bring your 2 Warhuts travois to the foward base position and start getting your warhuts up
  • Queue villagers again
  • As the 5 Plumed Spearmen arrive, start sieging your opponent trading post or foward base

From there, we are going to adapt our strategy ! Game knowledge and/or scouting help a lot in making the right choice.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

We are going to choose this option if our opponent is going for a naked FF. Very usual for Spain or China !

Age 2 follow up

  • Send 600 wood followed by Chicha Brewing. As the wood arrive, gather it and build additionnal Kancha Houses
  • Get 8 villagers on food, rest on wood
  • Start training additional Plumed Spearmen once you have 4 Kancha Houses up
  • Send 5 Plumed Spearmen, build a Market
  • Send 6 Chimu Runners, swap your wood villagers but 3 on coin. Rally new villagers to coin, start training more Chimu Runners. Don’t be afraid to sell excess of food for coin if needed !
  • Send 6 Jungle Bowmen, train a last batch of Chimu Runners
  • Swap your coin villagers back to food and wood (around 8 on wood). Keep 3 villagers on coin. Start training batches of Plumed Spearmen or Jungle Bowmen depending on your needs

From there it’s up to you ! 700 coin allow to train more Chimu Runners quickly, 600 wood to build your last Kancha Houses and train more units afterward.


  1. Berennon

    Thank you very much for your hard work and the guides. Very readable and very inspiring :). One nice addition for noobs like me would be some reasoning for the cards that are not mentioned in the build order (could be useful for this and for other guides). Like, what is the role of 2nd age mapuche allies shipment and the aymara support? I guess they can bolster your spearmen/chimus? But then again these cards cost gold and I could just build spearmen/chimus at the warhut … I ended up not using them at all and switched the cards to Huanka Support and Medicine, which were useful to get an economic edge in extended 2nd age fights …

    • Kenoky

      First of all thx for the kind words! To be fair this deck was the one used by Aizamk at the time. I should probably revisit it as both decks and build orders have evolved quite massively since.

      Why Mapuche allies? Because if you stay age 2 forever, having an infinite shipment is a big advantage regardless of the coin cost. This strategy may end up playing age 2 forever!
      Why Aymara support? Because if your opponent age up and ship powerfull age 3 mercs, you need something to deal with them.

      I am planning on deck building guides for each civs but i need to find a proper format for it, with the proper balance between enough and too much informations 🙂

      • Berennon

        Wow, thanks for the quick answer. All clear now 🙂 And yeah I see the challenge in balancing all the information. But so far these are the best designed guides to be found in the whole interwebs 👍👍👍

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