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This Incas Semi Fast Fortress will take over the game!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Semi Fast Fortress

Mark my words! This is likely one of the most powerful strategy showcased on this website. Using the Incas, we are going to perform a very aggressive, but yet very safe, Semi Fast Fortress. This strategy is still evolving daily and can still be improved, but the early results are extremely promising!

The power of this build order comes from its extreme flexibility. Your early map control allow you to take all the information you need in order to properly react and adapt. Pair that with a very powerfull contain gameplan built in and you can quickly see why this build order is so strong!

Oh wait, i almost forgot : behind all that, we are going to boom! Yes, not only does this strategy takes early map control, put early pressure, contain your opponent .. it is also a very economic centric strategy.

  • Incredibly versatile
  • Very quick infrastructure setup
  • Very hard to punish
  • Snowballs extremely quickly
  • Simcity!!
  • Exploration Age is a bit slow, usual for Incas
  • Simcity.....

How? How does this build order combines all of these aspects? The answer is very simple : Incas buildings. Our War Huts and later Stronghold are going to give us all the time and map control we need in order to contain our opponent with just enough units, while booming behind it. Combine that with Incas very early siege from the Plumed Spearmen and you can quickly lead your opponent into over reacting.

The key really is to adapt. Be as greedy as possible while putting your opponent under pressure and spread your buildings to take control of the map more and more.

Small tip : the proper use of Chasqui makes this strategy in particular even more powerful. They are, in the right hands, an in game map hack approved by the developpers!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build a Kancha House. 1 villager on wood, 5 on coin, rest on food
  • Press the Kancha House Big Button, Queen’s Festival, as soon as possible. Then all villagers to food, eat your Llama to avoid idling
  • Send 2 Llamas, eat them as they arrive with 3 villagers each
  • Age up with The Chief, for 2 Travois


  • Swap all your villagers to wood but the 6 on Llamas. If needed, use 2 Llamas villagers to heard nearby hunts
  • Build a foward Tambo, then swap all your villagers back to food but 5 to coin
  • Make sure to put the delivery shipment point on your Tambo

Age 2

  • Press the Town Center Big Button, Inca Raiding Party, then train villagers again
  • Build your 2 War Huts with the 2 Travois in a foward position. Position them in a way that allow you to control a vast portion of the map and deny resources
  • Send 700 coin, macro towards 1200 food and 300 coin. Make sure to change the shipment delivery point before receiving the coin!

At that point, if you need more military (foward base heavily pressured), send 600 wood and swap a total of 5-7 villagers to wood, rest on food. This will allow you to keep military production while building more Kancha Houses.

  • Use your Plumed Spearmen to pressure your opponent Trading Post or Houses
  • Gather your coin, send 600 wood
  • Age up with The Messenger, for a Fast Age Up


  • 5 villagers on wood, 2 on coin, rest on food
  • Build 5 Kancha Houses
  • Train Plumed Spearmen (up to 10) and Jungle Bowmen (as many as possible)

Another, more dirty way, of managing that transition period is to throw Chimu Runners raids at your opponent. In that case, put 5-7 villagers on coin and 2-3 on wood. Warning : going Chimu Runners will delay your mass significantly!

Age 3

  • Send your Stronghold, change your shipment delivery point to your foward base
  • Build the Stronghold, with the XP, send 1000 wood
  • As the Stronghold is completed, swap up to 10 villagers on coin (5 wood, rest food). Start training Huaracas!
  • As the crates arrive, gather them and put 10 villagers on wood. With the wood, build 4 extra Kancha Houses and get your Elite upgrades for your Plumed Spearmen and Jungle Bowmen. As they complete, push your opponent!

This attack is quite devastating especially if you delayed your opponent in the early game. But really the fun doesn’t stop there for us!

  • Send 2 Covered Wagon and build 2 Town Centers while securing natural resources (hunt + mine). At that point, add your last Kancha Houses. Follow that with 6 Llamas! Do the opposite if you need an earlier food spike to train military units

From there it’s up to you. You should be able to maintain production on 3 Town Centers and your military buildings. Macro wise it’s pretty easy : equal numbers of villagers on all resources, more or less depending on your needs. Add more Town Centers, more Stronghold, keep containing with your military while booming like a maniac. Make sure to transition to Industrial Age with The Elder as soon as you are able too (opponent being passive / defensive)


  1. Nightwing

    I absolutely love your guides. I like how to took the time to get the pictures up to make the build visualizing. So far, my favorite guide of yours is The Incas- Complete guide. Well written, in-depth, simply fantastic. Iā€™m eager to see the Water boom guide!

  2. GeorgeWashingMachine

    Thank you for the Inca love! I tried them a when I started playing and just hit a wall. I am loosing with Brits right now, so I think I am going to go back and try Inca again. Would you happen to have a video of this strat or planing on making one?

    • Kenoky

      I recorded one a while ago, never found the time to upload it …. Will see if i can get you something but no promise (videos take a while to make)

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