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India has the best asian Rush with this 12 Sepoys BO !

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



Hit fast, hit hard ! That's exactly what this Indian Rush is looking to do. Possible thanks to the most busted musketeer unit early in the game : the Sepoy !

Since it keeps a strong economy, this strategy is able to transition in multiple ways.  Contain your opponent to starvation, or push him with a deadly Fortress age timing attack !

  • Fast and deadly
  • Very good transition
  • Excellent map control
  • Sacrifices a lot of economy
  • Need to deal damage

Why are Sepoys so amazing ? They got 30 more hp and 2 more attack than a regular musketeer, how is that amazing ?

In an exchange vs musketeers, it means 6 Sepoys will one shot a Musketeer, while you will need 8 Musketeers to one shot a Sepoy ! Said like that it’s easy to understand how huge of a difference it makes. It also allow 6 Sepoys to one shot a Villager, making them raiding monsters.

And we can have 12 of them before 5:30 or even 5 minutes .. in our opponent base !

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

This version hits relatively fast, but keep a strong economy build up. That way we will be less all-in and able to transition towards alternative gameplan as the game goes.

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, then go up to 7 villagers on wood, rest on food
  • Build one House
  • Send Distributivism. As it arrives, swap 2 villagers from wood to food
  • Make sure to macro towards 800 food while maintaining constant villager production
  • As soon as you reach 600 food, make sure to task a villager to go towards you Agra Fort location. It should cover resources (hunts or coin mine) or a choke point
  • Age up with the Agra Fort as soon as you hit 800 food


  • Swap all your villagers to wood but 2. They should herd nearby hunts towards your Town Center
  • Don’t forget to train villagers !
  • Build a second House, followed by a Market. Then swap 6-7 villagers on food and 3-4 villagers on coin, the rest stays on wood (8-10)
  • Research Civil Servants (all resources), Hunting Eagles (food) and Blanket Filters (coin) in your market

Age 2

  • Ship 5 Sepoys, and bring your 2 Sepoys towards your Agra Fort. Make sure to set the shipment point on your Agra Fort, and to have it rallying villagers towards nearby resources
  • 6 seconds later, start training a batch of Sepoy in your Agra Fort. That way they will finish training as the 5 Sepoys arrive
  • Newly trained villagers should go towards food and coin to maintain Sepoy production
  • As your units arrive, push ! The goal is to pick up small advantages : a few villager, a house exposed, a trading post, …
  • Behind that, train a new batch of Sepoys, build a House and research Professional Hunters (food) in your market
  • The next card is Foreign Logging
  • As you train your third batch of Sepoys, research Imperial Bureaucracy (all resources) in your market
  • Use the excess of wood to build a Consulate. From there, keep only 4-5 villagers on wood in order to be able to add Houses as you train units
  • The next shipment is Diplomatic Intrigue, giving you 300 export

At that point the build order can branch out in multiple directions.

Use the French consulate to add a Caravanserail and start training Sowars right away, or in order to quickly transition to fortress age and ship Urumis.

Use the Ottoman consulate to ship 3 Hussars for an immediate spike followed by 4 Villagers.

This version hits incredibly fast but is completly all-in ! Devastating vs slow age up factions.

Coming soon !

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