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FUN : Japanese Fast Industrial!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Timing Attack

Bored of being called a Japan lamer? Behold! As this Frankenstein abomination of a build order is coming! Roleplay as the Spanish and the Dutch with this very exotic Fast Industrial strategy for the Japanese.

The initial idea is rather simple : we reach Industrial Age, we get a ton of coin, we send Red Ship Seal, we profit! This card will transform all our coin into export, allowing us to recruit many armies from our Consulate.

Getting to that stage however isn't as easy. Be ready for a completly new approach on the Japanase toolkit! Prefer this build order in passive matchups, in which your opponent feels a bit to secured going in the late game.

  • Huge timing attack
  • Can always train / send Ashigarus to hold pressure
  • Can always train / send Ashigarus to raid
  • Shrines make the macro way easier
  • Slow, even for an FI
  • Sacrifices a lot of card upgrades, locking your composition

Where to start with this one? We are so used to the Japanese double barracks Ashigarus spam, it feels like 75% of the faction strengths are never used.

First of all, the Japanese can send most of their Shipments twice, but these shipments are less powerfull on average to compensate, especially in the Commercial Age. This leads many Japanese player to not rely on said shipments. This build order will go completly against that trend! Thanks to the Spanish Consulate, we will be able to send very valuable shipments, and we will send a lot of them!

The normal value for a crate shipment in Commercial Age for any faction is 700 resources, we are going to make it 750. In the Fortress Age, the normal value is 1000 resources, we are going to make it 1250! In total, the Spanish Consulate will allow us to send 3 more crate shipments between the Commercial and Fortress Age, for a total of 3250 extra resources in the same amount of time!

Ok we got our way to quickly reach Industrial Age with a ton of extra ressources. But how do we use those ressources effectively upon reaching Industrial Age ? Once again : Consulate, but with the Dutch!

First of all they will provide a Church. Church = Mercantilism, Mercantilism = Shipments, and boy oh boy Industrial Age shipments are crazy for the Japanese! In order to research Mercantilism, we will need a ton of coin. But that won’t be the only usage of our coin! Red Ship Seal will allow us to transform all our coin into export, for a total of 2400 export and more with proper execution!

Combined, Red Ship Seal will allow us to put together a massive Musketeers and Ruyters mass, while Mercantilism will provide us up to 8 Flaming Arrows. All of that between 12 to 13 minutes for an insane timing attack!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates and build 2 Shrines next to hunts with your Monks. Avoid your closest hunt for that, as we will need it for our Toshogu Shrine later on
  • Send 2 Villagers
  • Age up at 15-16 villagers with the Torii Gates, for an XP bonus, a Samourai and a Military Rickshaw. No villager to build. In order to do so, place the foundation, start building with one villager, and then task it on something else. The Wonder will built itself!


  • Keep 6 villagers on food to keep villager production, rest on wood. Put your Shrines on wood production
  • Build a Trading Post and 2 Shrines
  • Send Good Faith Agreement
  • Start building a Consulate as soon as possible, then put 12 villagers on food, 5 on coin, rest on wood. New villagers should go to food

Age 2

  • Build your Barrack with the Rickshaw. Start training Ashigarus (up to 10 if not pressured)
  • Send Diplomatic Intrigues. As it arrives, ally with the Spanish in your Consulate, and research Nanban Trade and Merchant Marine. Opposite order if you must send 5 Ashigarus to defend yourself!
  • Build a Market and gather an extra 140 wood, then transition all your wood villagers to food, and put your Shrines on coin
  • Send 600 coin, now delivering 750!
  • Research Civil Servants (all) as soon as possible, followed by Hanami Parties (food) and Yozakura Lanterns (food)
  • Gather your coin while sending 600 wood, now delivering 750!
  • Age up with the Toshogu Shrine, for the equivalent of 2 Shrines and 400 export. Use 8 villagers to build it


  • Switch your Shrines to food if not pressured, coin if you have to train military units
  • Gather your wood crates. With it, research Blanket Filters (coin) and build 4 Shrines
  • Train Ashigarus if you are being pressured, but avoid fighting for now

Age 3

  • Send either 8 Ashigarus / 2 Flaming Arrows if pressured or 1000 coin, now delivering 1250. If you had to send the Ashigarus / Flaming Arrows, use the fight XP to send 1000 coin afterwards
  • Research Disciplined Ashigarus
  • Research Bullionism in your Consulate, then sign off and ally with the Dutch and get the Church Wagon
  • Send 1000 wood and 1000 coin, both delivering 1250 each!
  • Age up with the Shogunate, for a Daimyo and 600 experience. 8 villagers to build


  • Swap all your villagers but 4 to coin
  • Research Flume and Ditching (coin)

Age 4

  • You should reach Industrial Age before 11 minutes 30 if you have trained 15 Ashigarus
  • Immediatly send Red Ship Seal. Train 3 Dutch Expeditionary Forces as it arrives, for a total of 24 Ruyters and 18 Musketeers, all guard upgraded!
  • As you reach 1500 coin, research Mercantilism in your Church. Immediatly send 4 Flaming Arrows followed by Intervention and 4 Flaming Arrows again, adding 8 Flaming Arrows and 9 Guard Musketeers to your army! You should be ready to push around 13 minutes with that massive army! Use your Daimyo as a shipment delivery point to receive reinforcements as your are pushing

This should be a very hard to defend push. However, nothing all in on our side! We can follow up on this in many different ways! Ship mercenaries, train Ashigarus and research their Honored upgrade, or build a stable and prepare Naginatas reinforcements. Our economy at this point is extremely strong and allow us to go in any direction!


  1. Anonymous

    This is a very cool strategy. I’ve had not really seen much of a use for the Spain consulate before so grateful for the ideas. I am a little slow with my age up though. The fastest I can go industrial with this is 12:30 against an easy AI with 10 ashis. I was wondering how fast do you typically age up to fortress age with this?

  2. Anonymous

    I would send Diplomatic Intrigues > Spain > Good Faith Agreement > Nanban Trade and Merchant Marine to buffer sometime delayed TP or map has no TP. How is that look?

    Also, to avoid a slow FI, perhaps it is viable to mass ashigari and flaming arrow at Age3.

    In the latest Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Update 20322, probably having an early market at Age 1 for Hanami Parties then Civil Servants.

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