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Japan anti water boom rush!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



We have been looking at multiple Water Boom build orders at this point, but how do we counter them? Today we will be looking at an oppening that was used yesterday by Knusch. With it, he shutted down Mitoe Haudenosaunee Water Boom.

We are going to go with a rather all-in follow up this time, but the oppener is flexible and you should try to play around with it!

  • Easy to execute
  • Very powerful pushes
  • Still flexible after the initial pressure
  • Be careful not to over commit
  • More all in than most Japanese strategies
  • Rigid army composition at first

The key to shutting down Water Booms is to push from both front at once, Land and Water! In this case, a very early shipment of 2 Funes is looking to take our opponent completly off guard on water. On land, our attack will come a bit later by using a slower but still very powerfull mimick of Lilbow Ashigaru timing attack!

The Torri Gates age up will provide us with way more XP from training and killing units as well as buildings! Make sure to constantly take positive trades as your mass grows.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build 2 Shrines, all villagers on food
  • Send 3 Fishing Boats
  • Age up at 16 population with The Torii Gates, for a Samurai, a Military Rickshaw and a 1.6x XP boost! 4 villagers building


  • Keep 3 villagers and 3 fishing boats on food, the rest on wood. Swap your Shrines to wood
  • We are going to build 4 additional Shrines in total (between transition and early Commercial Age), to go up to 70 population. It will be enough for now! On top you will need 200 extra wood

Age 2

You should age up around 4:15 at worse.

  • Use your Military Rickshaw to build a barrack
  • Send 2 Funes. Make sure the rally point is in your opponent sea
  • Swap 4 villagers on coin, keep 5 on wood, rest on food. Start Ashigarus production. Our first two batches will have an hard time completing, that’s not a big issue

Try to apply some pressure with your Samurai and early Ashigarus, but avoid loosing units.

  • As the Funes arrives, shut down your opponent economy on water and get a ton of XP in the process!
  • Send Diplomatic Intrigue for 300 exports. Build a Consulate. As you reach 70 population and get your Consulate up, swap your villagers to food and your Shrines to coin
  • From now we should be able to constantly train Ashigarus
  • As the 300 exports arrives, ally with Japanese Isolation, and train up to 7 Shinobi-no-mono!
  • Send your Daimyo. As it arrives, make sure to put him in Stand your Ground mode and keep him safe. He will be our foward barrack / stable and receive military shipments
  • Push your opponent! Send 5 Ashigarus during the push for a good power spike

The Daimyo push is not the fastest one, but a very sustainable one. Keep rallying units, send your Ashigarus shipments… and keep the pressure on your opponent! If you see too much anti-infantry units (usually crossbowmen and archers), start training some Naginatas instead of Ashigarus. 

The goal is to make good trades over and over again and keep the pressure up. Do not over commit, take it slow, you already shutted down a big part of your opponent economy!

Keep an eye on your population, send 600 wood to your Town Center if needed to add more Shrines!

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