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Japanese anti FF by Aussie_Drongo

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Timing Attack

A very versatile build order aiming to take advantage of the Japanese incredibly powerfull military in the Commercial Age. Or in other words : spam Ashigarus !

As it still builds up a good economy safely, this strategy sustains military production like almost no other. All while shipping a lot of upgrades for said military units.

  • Very versatile
  • Quickly build up map control
  • Ashigarus are strong
  • Extremely good age 2 scaling
  • Sacrifices early boom potential
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I’m planning on doing a full breakdown of this excellent strategy showcased by Aussie_Drongo, but first a few points worth mentioning :

  • You do not need to switch your shrines to wood in order to add a second barrack. Your Isolation Consulate can ship a Military Rickshaw ! Use that to add your second Barrack, and later on a Stable
  • If you need early siege, once again, the Isolation Consulate can train Yamabushis. Very good at sieging torps for example while your Ashigarus keep on pushing and forcing bad trades for your opponent


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