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FUN : Lakota Shipments spam!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



Yesterday, a game between Kynesie and Kaister took place during the ESOC tournament. During this game, Kaister used the Tribal Marketplace Big Button in commercial Age! That got me wondering : how good is it?

So i spent a good portion of the night trying to put together a build order that make full use of this Big Button. Is it better than normal Lakota play? Not sure. But if you are as curious as i am, let's dive in!

  • Can contest both Water and Land
  • Less reliant on hunts than other strategies
  • More reliant on coin than other strategy
  • Less interesting outside of water maps

Just to be very clear : this strategy stills requires a lot of tuning and optimisations. The goal of this post isn’t to provide you the most copetitive deck, but rather to open a discussion : is there a solid deck that can exploit this Tribal Marketplace Big Button ?

One of the prime usage for this strategy seems to be on water maps against water booming civilisations. The early Comanche and Cheyenne cavalry will deny any foward building while the Privateers will slow your opponent on the sea.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, chop for a Trading Post and build it, then all villagers on food
  • Send 4 Villagers
  • Age up at 16 Villagers with The Chieff, for 400 wood


  • Send 300 wood
  • Gather it, build a Tribal Marketplace. Macro towards 600 food and 500 coin on age up. 5 to 8 villagers on coin should be enough

Age 2

  • Gather your wood crates, and research Cooperation
  • Build a second Tribal Marketplace. Keep 6 villagers on food, the rest on coin. Go up to 15 on coin, then put new villagers on food again
  • Send 8 Comanche Horse Archers, start raiding with them immediatly. They should arrive around 6:10
  • Send either 7 Cheyenne Riders or 3 Privateers
  • Keep 10 villagers on coin, rest on food
  • Send 700 wood. With it, build a Stable and up to 2 Trading Post. Chop for Stagecoach with 5 villagers from food if needed
  • Send either 7 Cheyenne Riders or 3 Privateers
  • Age up with The Messenger, for a Fast Age Up


  • Transition 20 villagers on coin

Age 3

You should be up before 11 minutes.

  • Send either the 4 Privateers or the 10 Renegados
  • Send either the 4 Privateers or the 10 Renegados
  • Send 18 Wakina Rifles with 2 War Hut Travois

From there it’s really up to you! Your infrastructure is in place, you got your Stagecoach rolling, hopefully you denied the water.


  1. Anonymous

    Yeah some more Lakota would be really nice. I’m convinced you can make them relevant again with a solid build order Kenoky! Also very interested in team game starts, there’s so many possibilities with Lakota it seems. Keep up the good stuff

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