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Ottoman : “The Build” and Mosque FI combined!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Fast Fortress

Two builds have been popping out with the Ottomans recently. The first one, aka "The Build", aim to build 4 Town Centers as fast as possible for a huge boom. The other one, Riotcoke's Mosque FI, aim to reach Industrial Age as fast as possible for a huge power spike.

What if we could merge both? That's exactly what this build order is looking to do! Slightly slower Industrial Age and Town Centers boom, but a very flexible strategy as a result. This build order also prepare a late game Egypt Revolt like no other!

  • Strong timings on top of a very solid boom
  • Flexible enough, you can completly cancel the strategy at multiple point if needed or stick to Fortress Age play
  • A bit slower than the two strategies it's trying to merge
  • Greedy

Of course this build order doesn’t come without a drawback. Which is being slower to achieve both goals than the previously mentionned ones. It’s often the problem when you try to strike a middle ground.

This forces us to play safer in the early game, notably with the addition of a Barrack. There is however a more greedy variation that allow you to speed up the entire process, but is completly naked against aggressions before 8:20!

How are we going to get that much wood you may ask? Sublime Porte! By converting all our food to 1.25 times more wood, we are going to generate the equivalent of 2600+ villagers seconds! Yes, that’s a lot of seconds gained! If the shipment arrives by 8:20, that’s the equivalent of 5.2+ villagers since the beginning of the game. Not bad at all!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

I would always prefer sticking to the naked version and use this strategy only in greedier matchups. But here is a less greedy, but slower, approach.

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build a Trading Post and a Mosque
  • Chop 50 wood with 4 villagers to build an House, a treasure can speed up the process, before switching all villagers to food
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • Gather 800 food and age up with The Quartermaster, for 400 wood


  • Send 300 wood. With it, build a second Trading Post
  • Put 5 villagers on coin, macro towards 300 coin

Age 2

  • Gather your age up crates. Research Stagecoach, keep it on XP for now. Build a Barrack and a House
  • Send 700 coin
  • Gather it, age up with The Exiled Prince, for a Fast Age Up


  • Send the Mosque unique technologies card as soon as possible, Palace Intrigue
  • Gather an extra 240 coin. This will enable two things : calling Minutemen and training Janissaries if needed. Make sure to scout your opponent as it will be key in the next few minutes. If you see an attack coming, keep 5 villagers on coin for a full batch of Jannisaries. This batch will cost you a Town Center later on, to be sent only if necessary! If you don’t need to train units, it will allow you to go for Industrial Age while researching Galata Tower District (villager limit) in your Mosque

Age 3

  • Send the Mosque unique upgrades discount card : Mosque construction

If a big timing attack is coming in the next minute or 2, send 700 wood and train more Janisarries while adding a artillery foundry and houses. Make sure to get your veterancy upgrades! Swap your trading posts to wood as well.

  • Send Sublime Porte, switch your Trading Posts to food! All your food will be converted into more wood! With it, research New Order Infantry for 15 Nizam Fusiliers and start building up to 2 Town Centers and Houses

The Nizam pop occurs just before 9 minutes, allowing you to push back most late colonial attacks.

  • Switch your Trading Posts to wood in order to build more Houses / your 3rd Town Center if you couldn’t already. Also start researching your Mosque upgrades for villager training time
  • If needed, send 2 Falconnets, 5 Spahis and / or 8 Nizams Fusiliers to defend. If not, send 1000 coin
  • Age up to Industrial Age with The Tycoon, for 1000 coin
  • Split your villagers half on food and half on coin


  • Send 1000 wood. With it, build more Houses, an Artillery Foundry, and a Market. Start getting your market upgrades

Age 4

  • Gather your coin crates
  • In your Mosque, research Topcu Corps for 3 Great Bombards, and Mercantilism for extra shipments
  • Send 12 Nizam Fusiliers, followed by 6 Spahis. Train Abus Guns and get at least the Veterancy upgrade for them. If you need extra wood for housing, put 10 villagers to it

The Spahis should arrive just before 15 minutes. Use the Abus Guns to push back your opponent Culverins while you siege their building with the Great Bombards. Use your Nizams and Spahis to keep both Abus Guns and Great Bombards alive.

From there it’s up to you! Try to send your Factories while you put pressure with the main army, to get your economy fully online.

Age 1

  • Age up with The Governor instead, for 200 coin and an Oupost


  • Chop 200 wood and build a second Trading Post

From there, same as the first variation, but skip the barrack and stagecoach part in the early game!


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