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Riotcoke’s Ottoman Mosque Fast Industrial

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Timing Attack

In a meta in which greed was omnipresent, one european faction stood as one of the pillars of aggressive play. But thanks to techs introduced in the definitive edition, even the Ottoman discovered their own way to greed !

This build order is extremely greedy but will lead into a huge power spike between 8 to 11 minutes. All of it thanks to one unit, the Nizam Fusilier !

  • Easy to execute
  • Leads into a very powerfull timing attack
  • Nizam Fusiliers are a very cool unit, Great Bombards and Spahis too !
  • Rarely expected
  • Water control included in the build order
  • Exposed to early aggression
  • Very weak economy despite rushing for Industrial Age
  • No Galley on land map

This build order makes use of the new technologies provided by the Mosque unique upgrades card : Palace Intrige.

The first one, New Order Infantry, ships 15 Nizam Fusiliers almost instantly, and transform every Janissaries shipment into Nizam Fusiliers shipment. Nizam Fusiliers however, are much stronger than Janissaries, with range bonuses vs cav in defense mode, siege damage resistance, …. , and auto-upgrades with each age ! Meaning your Nizam Fusiliers will be veteran or even guard upgraded as sson as you ship them, assuring a huge power spike !

The second one, Topcu Corps, ships 3 Great Bombards almost instantly ! I don’t think they need any introduction, they are absolutly awesome !

Both of these become very affordable thanks to the Mosque unique upgrades discount card : Mosque construction.

On top of that Mercantilism, also researched in the Mosque, will provide us with a lot of shipments very early in Industrial Age, allowing us to overwhelm our opponent under the amount of very high quality shipments we will have access to at this point. Like 6 Spahis, that also auto-upgrade with each age !

All of this leads to an highly synergistic strategy that results into a devastating power spike around 11 minutes into the game !

All the following variants will use this exact same opening

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build a Trading Post and a Mosque
  • Chop 50 wood with 4 villagers to build an House, a treasure can speed up the process, before switching all villagers to food
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • Gather 800 food and age up with The Governor, for 200 coin and an Outpost


  • Send 2 villagers herding two different nearby hunts towards your TC
  • Chop 200 wood to build a second Trading Post, then transition your villagers back to food except a few to coin in order to gather 100 coin

Age 2

  • Send 700 coin
  • Put down the Outpost in your base, try to cover your most exposed resources
  • Send 700 wood, do not gather it before transition to fortress age
  • Gather the 200 + 700 coin crates while macroing towards 1200 food and 1000 coin
  • Age up with The Admiral of the Ocean Sea, for a Galley and 400 wood


  • Macro towards 2000 food and 200 coin. Make sure to scout your opponent as it will be key in the next few minutes
  • Send the Mosque unique technologies card as soon as possible, Palace Intrigue
  • Gather your wood crates. From there we are always going to keep 1000 wood ! Use all the extra wood from that point to build additionnal Houses

At this point, we are going to adapt our build order depending on what our opponent is doing. Is he massing an army ? Attacking us already ? Or does he stay in his base happily booming ? Based on those information, we are going to choose one of the two following variants.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

We are going to choose this option if our opponent isn’t showing sign of aggression.

Age 3

  • Send 1000 coin as soon as possible
  • Macro towards 2000 food and 200 coin
  • Gather your 400 wood, you should have a total of 1100 wood, allowing you to build a House while staying over 1000 wood
  • Gather your 1000 coin and age up with The Tycoon, for 1000 coin


  • Macro towards 600 food and 500 coin, all while gathering an extra 200 wood for 2 additionnal Houses
  • send the Mosque unique upgrades discount card : Mosque construction

Age 4

  • As you reach age 4, gather your 1000 coin
  • Your opponent will likely push at this point, make sure to reasearch New Order Infantry for 15 Nizam Fusiliers followed by Topcu Corps for 3 Great Bombards. This should clean almost any push around 10 minutes.
  • Research Mercantilism, as it will give you 3 shipments
  • Start macroing heavily towards food and wood, as you will need Houses and food for your Spahis shipments
  • Send 12 Nizam Fusiliers, followed by 6 Spahis. You can start pushing as soon as the extra Nizam Fusiliers arrive

From there you can follow up with additionnal Spahis or Great Bombards, or decide to go for your 2 factories in order to prepare yourself for an Egypt Revolt. The push should however win most of the games for you !

We are going to choose this option if our opponent is being aggressive.

Age 3

  • send the Mosque unique upgrades discount card : Mosque construction
  • Gather your 400 wood, you should have a total of 1100 wood, allowing you to build a House while staying over 1000 wood
  • Research New Order Infantry in your Mosque and pop Minutemen at the same time

From there, the build order will depend a lot on the situation. If you stabilise, go back to the normal gameplan. If you don’t, 5 Spahis is a strong shipment to finally stabilise and go towards industrial following the initial plan.

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