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The Classic Ottoman Tower FF

Written by thejassz

Game mode
1 vs 1


Timing Attack

This was one of my first competitive build order I've learnt  because it was very simple.This is as of today back-to-back meta and still very good! Gained huge fame from back in the days where a pro player(shmras) used this BO every game and went till finals & won every single game of them!

Still one of the common recommended builds by bwinner (best otto player commonly called as botto) so it's a certified international build ,used by many veteran players in competitive scenes.

The main power from the build order is the usage of peak power shipments as early as possible to overwhelm your opponent by strong tech-units.

This build has an insane timing during the early stage of the game sub 10 mins , which allows you to win games quickly & climb the ladder fast!

  • Very Strong timing
  • Can be extended to other strategies like FI into Revolt
  • Flexible can be chosen to play passive or aggressive
  • Weak Follow Up
  • Lose tempo quickly after exhausting all military shipments

This build is sorta auto-pilot in one way ,because there is not much to do,so you can focus on taking treasures ,herding & scouting more to get other objectives sorted out perfectly.

The goal is to get to fortress around 7 mins without fast age up.

We will preliminary be making Janissaries and getting shipments in age 3 and push with falconets & later again with Mamelukes & Spahis.

Since you are able to get age 3 units at a fast time it’s harder for opponent to react quickly so you control the game from here by doing constant pressure when falconets arrive and win by superior value from the shipments.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates and leave 100w on floor ,build a Trading post and a house.
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • Gather 800f and age up with the The Governor, granting 1 outpost wagon and 200 coin

Any food or gold treasures will be of immense help in your age up timings.


  • Chop 100w or 50w depending on the map ,if you have safe 2nd tp opt to go for Trading post by chopping 100w else chop 50w and drop a Mosque.
  • Put 3 villagers on coin and gather till 100 coin

Scout for your 2nd or 3rd hunt and herd them towards your town center to avoid raids.

Age 2

  • Construct a outpost defensively or aggressively based on your playstyle or match up.
  • Send 700 coin 
  • Send 700 wood
  • Gather the 200c from age up and age with The Scout (4 Hussars) or The Marksman ( 4 Abus Guns) depending on what you want

Call minutemen if there is any pressure and also 5 janissary if it’s needed to hold your base after 700w.


  • Build 1 barracks ,3 houses ,save 200w for veteran janissary upgrade
  • Put 5-6 villagers on coin ,rest on food
  • Start making a janissary in barracks ,get 5 of them before hitting age 3
  • Gather 200c for instant research of veteran upgrade for janissary

Before reaching age 3 make sure you shipment point is on the tower if you have placed it forward to get the age up units there.

Age 3

The Macro:

Generally 5 villagers on coin should do fine for constant batches of Janissaries, rest all villagers on food ,after falconet shipment send newly trained villagers to wood as of to get houses or add more villagers if needed.

  • Send 8 janissaries from the deck

This Shipment is to mass up your janissary mass to protect your next shipment ,falconets.

  • Send 2 Falconets and try to see if you can push

Using falconets you can try to siege the buildings or push away his army by putting them in volley mode ,there is no way he takes a good trade when you have falconets ,make sure you keep your army tight and close to your falconets as it’s a costly shipment & win condition for your game.

  • Send 1000c for mamelukes
  • Send 4 Mamelukes

When you have mamelukes this is your biggest power spike they are 1000 hitpoints in health very big tank so you can send them forward and your army do the damage behind ,always safe to wait till for this shipment if the first push doesn’t seem good.

  • Send 5 Spahis

Similar to Mamelukes but a bit weaker in terms of tanking ,another power booster shipment,costs 1000f so use it wisely.

  • Send Janissary combat or unit shipments (if army count is low)

You should be winning the game probably right around here after this you have to expand your infrastructure by sending 1000w and making 2 TCs and playing the late game.

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