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A Boomer’s Guide to the Portuguese 10/10 FF

Written by Pink Charr

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1



Everybody has heard about Portugal's reputation on water maps, but they still hold their own on land maps very, very well. This build is an adaption of a Fast Industrial used by Ezad in an ESOC tourney in 2020.

If you didn't know before, Portugal get a free Town Center with every age up. Even more awesome they get extra XP upon building them, resulting in more shipments.... yummy!

The general concept is to 10/10 : not build any houses and focus on aging to Commerce Age as soon as possible. By doing so, you get your 2nd Town Center down sooner and can reach Fortress Age incredibly fast. What's even better is that this means we can get our THIRD Town Center in under 7mins!!!

After such a fast age up time, you have a lot of options in your arsenal : Fast Industrial, Timing push, or Boom. Portugal's economy late game is monsterous and this fast age up helps you get there sooner.

  • Sub 7mins Fortress timing
  • Can transition into an FI if left unpunished
  • Economy explodes in Fortress
  • Flexible
  • Surrenders map control
  • No early military buildings
  • Relies on TP Maps
  • Difficult to macro for beginners

Before we go ahead with the build. You should always be producing settlers unless specified by the build order. Never stop. This can be said for almost any civ in AoE3 and despite our emphasis on aging fast, we must not sacrifice our economy.

It’s even more true with the Portuguese as they have multiple Town Centers very quickly. You can and should train settlers constantly to get the most out of it !

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather all crates
  • Build a Trading Post and begin looking for treasures with explorer. Prioritise Food
  • Send all settlers to food
  • At 800 food age with The Naturalist, for 2 Settlers and 2 Cows


  • Use 5 Settlers to gather 100 wood and build a House. Then move those 5 Settlers to Coin
  • Continue to scout opponent with Spyglass, pay special attention to a Foward Base

Age 2

  • You should have 2 shipments ready. Send 700 coin & 700 food
  • Build your new Town Center close to first Town Center. Try to place it in a protective position. Eg, a coin mine or a wall of trees
  • Make sure you constantly produce settlers
  • Gather 300 coin with settlers, then move them to gather crates
  • 3rd Shipment: 700 Wood
  • Eat your cows
  • Age up with The Philosopher, for a Fast Age Up


  • Depending on unit comp, split Settlers onto Coin/Food as needed
  • With the wood from the crates, build a Market, research Hunting Dogs (food), Steel Traps (food) and Placer Mines (coin)
  • Build Barracks/Stables and Houses with the remaining wood

Age 3

  • If greedy, send 1000 Wood and use it to build more barracks/stables and more Houses
  • If pressured, ship 8 Cassadors/5 Dragoons
  • If you are being hit by a timing attack, throw down some Walls and ship 2 Organ Gun, they can wipe the floor against Age 2 infantry
  • The idea from now is to wait for your opponent to push and fight him in your base and under your Town Centers firing !

If playing vs any European Civilization and he ages up to Fortress Age, it would be wise to build an Artillery Foundry and train some Culverins (at least 2) to kill your opponent Falconnets.

  • Once you win this battle, you can reassert Map Control by pushing out with your Dragoons and Cassadors

From that point your economy should do the heavy work for you. Play if safe, slowly but surely force your opponent back with your Dragoon and Cassadors. Avoid big fights and prefer skirmishes, unless your opponent is crazy enough to push under your Town Centers again !

He will soon enough crumble as you keep building up. As a finishing move, going Industrial and having access to Heavy Canons and Guard upgrades is more than often enough !

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