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Portuguese fast revolt ! Peru or Brasil ?

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Timing Attack

Viva la Revolución ! Today the Portuguese are not happy about their home city treatment and rise up ! Will you choose Peru or Brasil ?? Peruvian Guards or super Jinetes ?

Of course this build order is not to be used in every situation. Your opponent will more often than not attack you before your Revolt is ready. But when you can do it, damn is it glorious !

This build order allow to Revolt under 13 minutes ! Even around 10 minutes if you are under attack and need to defend yourself !

The Brazil variant should be coming soon !

  • Strikes really hard
  • Very fun to execute
  • Vulnerable to early timing attacks
  • Ends up being all in

One rule : always train villagers ! This is especially important here as every settler will be turned into one (or two) Revolutionaries as you Revolt.

Also this build order makes great use of Livestock ! Slowly growing as the time passes, your Sheeps and Cows will turn into massive food reserves, and faster to gather on top of that. This allow this Revolt build order to be performed with only 2 hunts, including your starting one !

As we are getting closer to revolting, you will deplete every single ressources available in your base. Leave nothing behind before you start pushing your opponent !

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

This is the most greedy variant for the hardest to hold push. If you have to defend yourself, switch back to the Brasil variant (coming soon).

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build a Trading Post. Put all villagers on hunts. We are going to age up with 10 villagers
  • Send 7 Sheeps and a Livestock Pen. Make sure all your Sheeps are getting fattened at the Livestock Pen once it’s built
  • Age up with The Naturalist, for 2 Villagers and 2 Cows


  • Swap all your villagers but one on wood. The last one must herd a nearby hunt
  • Build a Market, swap 3 villagers to coin, research Hunting Dogs (food)
  • Build an House, swap all your villagers back on food

Age 2

  • Build your 2nd Town Center
  • Send 700 coin, macro towards 300 coin and then gather your crates. Once your reach 1000 coin, move every villager to food
  • Send 7 Cows. As they are close to arrive, start moving your Sheeps close to your villagers and eat them. This will free slots for your cows to be fattened !
  • Age up with The Exiled Prince, for a Fast Age Up


  • Macro towards 2000 food and 200 coin

Age 3

  • Build your 3rd Town Center
  • Send 1000 coin. Start eating your Cows, especially the two you got from your age up with The Naturalist, then the rest
  • Send 1000 wood
  • Age up with The Tycoon, for 1000 coin


  • With the 1000 wood, research Placer Mines (coin), build an house and a Church
  • Move as many villagers as possible on coin. Make sure to keep just enough to eat your Cows completly !

Age 4

  • Build your 4th Town Center
  • Research Mercantilism
  • Send your two Factories. Research the upgrade for food production rate and switch them to food. Use your coin to buy the 475 wood you used in total in order to revolt
  • Revolt with Peru, you should have around 70 villagers


  • Buy as much food as possible. Produce a full batch of Revolutionaries out of all your Town Centers
  • Send Peruvian Guard and put the delivery point on Simón Bolívar
  • Push with that army while shipping 4 Gatling Guns over and over again and rallying more Revolutionaries


  1. Level Five

    Awesome strat! Just won a game with 14 minute peru, 17 minute surrender. The livestock is incredible though, I don’t know if I’ll ever play Portugal without it now

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