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Portuguese Rush by Aizamk !

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



As we did with Sweden, it's time to take a civilization known for booming and passive play, the Portuguese, and turn it into a Commercial Age powerhouse ! This build order is not the hardest hitting or the fastest hitting rush. However, it's one of the best at taking control of the map quickly.

A perk that we can use to transition from our rush into a contain gameplan, denying our opponent of ressources !

  • Excellent map control
  • Often unexpected
  • Can transition into an powerfull economy
  • Sacrifices a lot of economy
  • Can be hard to recover if it fails

Portuguese main civilization trait is the free Town Center they receive with each age up. This free Town Center will allow us to setup a powerfull foward base for our attack. But also make sure we can train villagers twice as fast in age 2 !

While this second part cost a lot of food, we are going to offset that in a few ways, making sure our transition from our rush into a contain gameplan is as smooth as possible.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Before breaking down the BO : The video isn’t the best display for the rush itself, but show you how to recover from it. Which is BY FAR the most difficult thing with that strategy !

I’ll focus on the rush execution mainly, before giving you clues on how to transition.

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build a first Trading Post
  • Put all your villagers on food, train up to 10 Villagers
  • As you hit 800 food, age up with The Quatermaster, for 400 wood

Look for food treasures as they will drasticly speed up the process.


  • Put all your villagers on wood
  • Send a villager towards your future foward base location
  • Build a House in your base
  • As you reach 200 wood, swap 6 villagers back to food
  • Queue a villager, keep constant villager production from now on

Look for wood treasure at that stage of the game.

Age 2

  • Send 700 wood followed by 700 food
  • Build a Barrack at your foward base location
  • Build your new Town Center next to your barrack
  • Gather your wood crates and chop an extra 100 wood. Swap all your villagers to food
  • Start training Pikemen, build a second Trading Post and a second House
  • After your first batch of pikemen, start pressuring your opponent and training Crossbowmen non stop from now. Build a few more pikemen if you need extra siege at one point. First batch of crossbowmen should finish at 5:00
  • Send 600 wood
  • Build a Market, start building your 3rd Trading Post and research Stagecoach
  • Send 8 Crossbowmen, build 2 additionnal houses as you do
  • Swap a few villagers to coin (6-7), gather 50 coin, research Hunting Dogs (food) in your market. Keep only 3 villagers on coin, put the 3 others on wood
  • As stagecoach finishes, swap your trading posts to wood
  • Next shipment is 700 coin. At the same time, research Steel Traps (food) in your market. With it, we will be able to train Hussars and Musketeers. Make sure to build a Stable or second Barrack depending on what your are going to train, and secure enough housing space. At that point, adapt your macro based on your needs. If you are going to swap around 10 villager to coin in order to train hussars for example, consider researching Placer Mines

From there it’s really up to you. The build order has likely already transitionned from a rush to a contain strategy, and your double Town Center is slowly but surely allowing you to catch up eco wise.

Send Economic Theories if your are going to swap to a more contain/long term gameplan, 6 Musketeers if you feel you can finish your opponent.

Colonial Militia is a really strong card if your opponent tries to take back map control !

A few notes on Aizamk gameplay :

  • He avoids fighting when he know he is weaker, and he forces his opponent into fighting under his Town Center, so colonial militia can swing the fight in his favor
  • He makes sure to have 2 barracks and a stable before going to Fortress Age. That way he can secure a big pop of fortress age units as he ages up !
  • As he transition to Fortress Age, he send 8 Halberdiers. This unit is not seen often, but it is way more effective early in age 3 at stopping melee cavalry than Dragoons. This allow him to safely train Cassadors from two barracks

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