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Russia Logistician Fast Industrial!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Timing Attack

At first I wanted to showcase a rush build order for the Russians. Pure laming at his finest. But Russians deserve better than being a lame rush civilisation. Today we are going to take a look at the Logistician Fast Industrial! A very neat strategy that counters cavalry semi Fast Fortress very well and manage to pressure your opponent while reaching industrial!

This strategy is especially good in team games, in which your timings and devastating artillery support can completly turn a game. It's also a very neat strategy to look for an Hungarian Revolt around 25 minutes! Grenadier spam incoming!!

  • Completly unexpected
  • Very powerfull units
  • Opens up any army composition in the late game
  • Vulnerable in very early game
  • Need to make good use of the units being shipped

Why is that build order particularly strong?

First of all we are going to get access to very powerfull units for very little investement, both in infrastructure but also straight cost. For example, paying 2000 coin (and 150 wood for the Church) for 17 Guard Hussars! Normally those Hussars would cost 2040 food, 1360 coin, 200 wood for the Stable, and a total of 800 wood and coin for the upgrades!

We are also going to pay very little to upgrade our units, allowing us to compensate for our poor early economy. Our late game composition is aiming for 4 units, 2 of them being Royal Guard. This would normally cost us 3800 wood and coin, we are going to pay 900 wood and 2500 coin!

It’s only weakness is really the lack of early tempo. That’s why you should really try this strategy in team games, with your allies securing the early game while you go for this strategy!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build an House, put all villagers on wood
  • Build a Trading Post, put 6 villagers on food
  • Send Distributivism
  • Build a Market, gather 50 coin with 2 villagers or treasures, then put all villagers on food
  • Research Hunting Dogs (food) when Distributivism trickle gives you enough wood
  • Send Economic Theory
  • We are going to age up at 20/20 with The Logistician, for a Military Wagon and Blockhouses now support 10 population. Do not be afraid to overgather food!


  • Research Placer Mines (coin). Once finished, macro towards 1200 food and 1000 coin!

Age 2

Do not train villagers in Commercial Age!

  • Build a Church and a Blockhouse with your Military Wagon
  • Send 700 wood
  • Age up at 20/30 with the Exiled Prince, for a Fast Age Up


  • Put 8 villagers on wood, rest on food. Make sure to keep 150 coin in case you need to call the minutemen
  • Send the unique church upgrade card, Reformist Tsar

Age 3

  • Train 3 batches of villagers
  • Research Kalmucks in your Church, for 9 Guard Dragoons! As they arrive, push back your opponent or start poking him. You want to generate XP!
  • Put 4 villagers on coin, the rest on food
  • If needed, train a Monk at your Church to heal your Kalmuts!
  • Send 1000 coin
  • Age up with The Engineer, for 2 Falconnets


  • Put all your villagers on coin
  • Send 2 Falconnets, build Houses if needed

Age 4

  • Send your first Factory, put it on coin
  • Research Bashkir Ponies in your Church, for 17 Guard Hussars! Destroy your opponent push and counter attack
  • Swap your villagers around, 6 on food, rest splitted between wood and coin, new villagers go to coin
  • Send your second Factory, put both on wood and get the upgrade for it
  • Build a Blockhouse near your opponent base to support your push
  • Send 2 Heavy Cannons
  • Research Westernization in your Church, to upgrade all our units to Veteran
  • From now on, use your wood to build Blockhouses everywhere. Secure as many gathering spot as possible while your army in containing your opponent. Slowly transition wood villagers to coin as you do
  • Send Extended Fortifications
  • Research Petrine Reforms, to upgrade all our units to Guard!
  • Send Strelet Horde, to produce Strelets from all our Blockhouses
  • Build Stables, start training Cavalry Archers and Cosacks

From there it’s fully up to you! Slowly but surely send your upgrade shipments to prepare for an Hungarian revolt. Your late game composition should be aiming for a mix of Strelets, Hungarian Grenadiers, Cavalry Archers and Cossacks.


  1. DHB

    This was fun to try. Someone made fun of me for spending all the wood on kalmucks but then didn’t realize I made it to industrial. I idled for way too long though

  2. Anonymous

    Can you please show us a video or replay where you used this strategy in a Team game or 1v1 to show us how you use your small amount of units well. Thank you

  3. Anon

    >Send Extended Fortifications
    Russia doesn’t seem to have this? Did you maybe mean heavy fortifications or improved buildings?

  4. Anonymous

    I tried this strategy…it seems very vulnerable to rushes. Are you supposed to age-up at 6:00? Maybe I’m doing something wrong age1.

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