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Russia semi Fast Fortress

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1



Finally a Russia guide on the website! I was originaly planning on posting Kaiserklein contain strategy, but it's a build order mostly for no Trading Post maps. So today i'm bringing you a semi Fast Fortress strategy. The strenght of this build order is mostly that anyone will expect you to rush, while you are happily booming behind it!

This superior economy is quickly going to translate into a massive army thanks to the russian Blockhouse. As a famous youtuber once said : "More stuff generally beats less stuff!". Quantity over quality, the true russian way!

  • Unexpected
  • Very good economy
  • Hard to punish
  • Very flexible
  • Sacrifice early pressure and map control
  • Takes time to ramp up

Russia produce Villagers and units in batches. This allow them to pay less in total and train villagers and units faster. This strategy aims to amplify that advantage by rapidly getting access to a second Town Center. That way we can start massing way more Villagers than our opponent!

Our army composition will evolve through Frotress Age. From a Musketeer “only” mass to a more diverse composition by adding Strelets and Cossacks. The later composition will be vastly improved by the cards BoyarsStrelet Combat and Cavalry Combat. Make sure to add some artillery along the way!

The Advanced Arsenal and the Arsenal technologies in general are key to the russians. The more units we have the more get boosted by the upgrades, and we are going to mass a lot of units.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your food crates first ! Queue a batch of Villager as soon as possible
  • Build an House and a Market. Gather 50 coin and 50 wood as fast as possible without idling your Town center. 3 villagers on food should be enough at first, rest splitted between coin and wood
  • Research Hunting Dogs (food), swap all your villagers to food
  • Send Distributivism
  • Age up at 14 Villagers (17 if slow / no treasures) with The Quartermaster, for 400 wood


  • Swap all your villagers to wood but 2 to herd nearby hunts
  • Build a Trading Post. Swap 6 villagers on coin, rest on food

Age 2

  • Send 700 coin and 700 wood
  • Gather your wood crates. Build a Blockhouse and research Steel Traps (food)
  • Macro towards 1200 food and 300 coin
  • Gather your coin crates, age up at 20 villagers with The Bishop for a Town Center


  • Gather your wood crates. Research Placer Mines (coin). Build an House, a second Blockhouse, a Stable and another House
  • Get 8 villagers on coin, rest on food
  • Start training batches of Musketeers

Age 3

  • Build your second Town Center
  • Research Musketeer Veterancy upgrade

At this point a shipment should be available and you can branch towards anything. The Musketeers should be able to defend vs any kind of pressure. Send 2 Falconets in support, 6 Oprichniks to raid or 1000 wood for a third Town Center for maximum greed!


  1. DHB

    Am I an idiot or is it really hard to get to 14 vil commerce age as Russia without tons of idle time? Especially with some non – food time chopping for the hunting dogs

    • Kenoky

      From what i remember it wasn’t an issue, however you need to manage your villager and minimise walking time. Also get hunting dogs as early as possible. A small coin or wood treasure helps a lot of course. If you age with 17 it’s better than idling for ages with 14.

  2. Anonymous

    Really love this build!
    Are you going to make a RushRush build for them as well later? I seem to not win with Russia if I rush unless I face the Japanese. Then it’s suddenly much easier.

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