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[Outdated] Chile revolt as Spain ! The Hussars of Death are coming !!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Timing Attack


Imagine if we could do a Piroshiki FF, but at the same time a Fast Industrial. Oh and why not include a Chile revolt in all of this as well ?? For the almighty Hussars of Death !

This is exactly what this build order is looking to do ! We are going to play for multiple timing attacks in succession in order to dismantle our opponent !

The build is flexible and should allow you to navigate around your opponent. However our economy won't be able to compete very long, so we must inflict critical damage with each of the timings.

  • Hits hard in multiple timings
  • Multiple back up plan
  • Flexible
  • Slower than the Piroshiki FF initially
  • End up completly all in

Before we continue, i highly suggest you to check the Piroshiki FF build order at first ! It will ease the read for this one, as i wont come back on the mechanics already used and explained.

So let’s talk about Spain Fast Industrial ! Why is it strong ? Spain has the ability to send shipments more often than other civilizations. With said shipments, we can reach the Industrial Age quickly with our limited economy. On top of that, multiple shipments in Age 4 bring large batches of units, like 24 Crossbowmen or 24 Pikemen. Those units are automatically upgraded to Guard thanks to The Papal Guard politician !

As for Chile revolt, it will transform all our existing Hussars into Hussars of Death, Guard Hussars with +100% attack !! We will also receive 10 of them for free and be able to train more ! It also transforms all our Villagers into Revolutionaries, a powerfull Musketeer type unit that we can train in town centers ! Be aware that Chile is a completly all-in revolt with very few ways of recovering and overall poor shipments. We must win with our initial assault !

The biggest advantage of this strategy is that we NEVER pay for unit veterancy upgrades during the entire game. Despite that, we will have Guard upgraded troops likely before our opponent. Sure this build order lacks a strong economy, but we will pay for almost nothing besides our ages up and a few units.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!


Age 1

  • Gather 100 food from your crates, then 200 wood, then the rest of your food crates
  • Send your Explorer towards a Trading Post build site as soon as possible
  • Queue a Villager as you have 100 food
  • Build a Trading Post as you have 200 wood
  • 2 villagers to food, rest to wood, gather enough wood for a House. Then all to food
  • As your first shipment arrives, select your deck in advance, and send the 3 Villagers shipment as soon as possible !
  • Train a total of 15 villagers
  • Send 300 wood
  • Gather 800 food, use any livestock to speed up the process, age up with The Governor, giving you an Outpost and 200 coin

During this age, you should focus your explorer on finding food and wood treasures ! Coin treasure will be gathered during the transition or age 2.


  • Build a second Trading Post and a Market
  • Gather a total of 50 extra wood and 150 extra coin. Research Hunting Dogs (food) in your market. Swap all your villagers to food after that

Age 2

  • Immediatly send 700 coin shipment and 700 wood shipment
  • Send your Outpost towards a safe position near your opponent base or keep it in your base. A foward outpost is more risky but far better for our folow up plan
  • Gather your two coin crates
  • As they arrive, gather your 700 coin with up to 7 Villagers depending on your food supply. The goal is to age up as fast as possible
  • We age up with either The Adventurer or The Scout, for 9 Crossbowmen (vs Dragoon factions) or 4 Hussars respectively


  • Send the unique church tech shipment, Royal decree to claim the new world
  • Gather an extra 100 food, research Gang Saw (wood) in your market. Then transition all but 3 villagers to wood. The goal is to be able to train War Dogs if there is a need to defend your outpost
  • Get your explorer near your outpost
  • Gather your 700 wood crates, build a Church and a House
  • Once you reach 1000 wood, keep 8 villagers on wood, put 5 on coin, the rest is on food
  • Put your shipment deliver point on your outpost

Age 3

We should age up around 7:30.

  • Ship 2 Falconnets
  • Research the Quatrefage tech in your Church, for 13 Guard Halberdier
  • Push your opponent with your army ! You should be in your opponent base before 8 minutes 30 ! The goal here is not to kill our opponent, but inflict critical damage. Try to keep your army alive as you retreat
  • Build more Houses in order to keep training villagers. Research Steel Traps (food) in your market as soon as possible. Research Stagecoach in your trading post as soon as possible, on wood. Once you have stagecoach, get all your wood villagers to food and coin. The goal is to macro towards 2000 food and 400 gold. Keep adding the necessary Houses with the wood income from stagecoach
  • Send Spanish Gold. Swap your home city deliver point
  • Send a Fort. Build it in a defendable position. Be safe, but the closer to your opponent base the better
  • Age up with The Papal Guard


  • Swap all of your villagers on coin but 6 on food ! The goal is to gather 1100 coin for Mercantilism. Research Placer Mines (coin) in your market
  • If you have a shipment to spare, send 1000 food and macro towards 1000 food and 700 coin, as it will allow us to use the second Church unique research, Wild Geese
  • Bring 2 villager towards your fort, as it will be your new home city shipment delivery point. We need to gather that Spanish Gold !
  • Make sure to add more Houses as the wood keep coming from our Trading post (if not, gather it !)

Age 4

We should age up around 13 minutes.

  • Ship 24 Crossbowmen. If you Halberdier are still alive, no need to ship or train Pikemen
  • Research Wild Geese if possible
  • Research Mercantilism. After that, split your villagers mainly between food and wood. We want to train Crossbowmen or Pikemen depending on our needs. Keep gathering the Spanish Gold however, it will be usefull soon enough
  • Ship 2 Heavy canons or 4 Culverins depending on your opponent artillery
  • With that army, push your opponent. Try to inflict critical damage if not kill your opponent on the spot
  • Ship both Factories, macro towards 1000 food, 1000 wood and 1000 coin while training Hussars in your fort
  • Revolt into Chile
  • If you can, ship Cavalry Combat and/or Unction before. If you shipped unction, train a few Missionaries

Chile Revolt

We should revolt around 17-19 minutes

  • Bring all your villagers to the frontline. Use the Factories on food and the Trading Posts on coin to keep training Hussars of Death and Revolutionaries !
  • Ship either 16 Revolutionaries or 4 Gatling Guns
  • End this game !

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