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Spain : Argentina Revolt madness!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games



Behold! Today we are going to take a look at a strategy for Spain specifically designed for Team Games! Our goal is to go for a greedy, but fully setted up, Argentina Revolt. We are going to sustain constant unit production as we revolt, and quickly be able to retrain Settlers to go into the late game. Also Unction will be shipped prior to revolting, to not miss on this amazing boost for our units.

This is not the fastest Argentina Revolt out there. But on top of being extremely sustainable once revolting, this build order is also able to help your allies deflect ennemy attacks in the mid game, or support their push.

This strategy has been heavily inspired by a few games during the 3v3 Royal Clan tournament. Make sure to check out their twitch channel!

  • Extremely strong late game
  • Help your allies in the mid game
  • The build order is hard to disrupt
  • Need only your starting hunt and an extra one on most maps!
  • Not the fastest Argentina Revolt
  • Not an aggressive build order
  • Way better with 2 Trading Posts

As I said in intro, we are not looking to be the fastest, but timings are very important!

Our Falconnet + Halberdiers pop should occur at 8:30 at worse. This timing will allow us to push back almost any colonial pressure on our allies ou ourselves. Make sure to position your oupost where the action is going to take place. Scout your opponent foward base, and defend your team closest base with your Outpost by placing it at the back of the Town Center.

Our Argentina Revolt should take place around 15:30. This should break any Fortress Age pressure thanks to the amazing Granaderos! And from there, it’s pure profit! Train a Granaderos + Revolutionnaries composition at first, before going for what your team needs the most in the later stages of the game (always include Granaderos in the mix!).

One key aspect on this strategy is also to build your bases in a way so they are extremely hard to attack. Wall with your buildings, put a small wall in front, etc etc..

Synergy wise, this strategy is incredibly powerful with Japan, as you will be able to supply them with a TON of livestock for their precious shrines in the later stages of the game, while their really good military can hold in the early game. Any faction with team bonus to ranged cavalry attack is also welcome, namely the Germans, the Swedes or the Indians, as they will buff your Granaderos significantly!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build a Trading Post, put all your villagers on wood
  • As you close to 100 wood, start putting villagers on food
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • Build an House, put all your villagers on food
  • Send 7 Sheep and a Homestead Wagon
  • Age up at 16 villagers with The Governor, for an Outpost and 200 coin


  • Put all villagers on wood but 2 herding
  • Build a Trading Post. If you can’t build a second Trading Post, build your Church instead
  • Build a Market and research Hunting Dogs (food)
  • Put all your villagers on food but 3 on coin until we are at 100 coin

Age 2

  • Send 700 coin and 700 wood
  • Build your Outpost to protect the team member that is going to be pushed
  • Gather you coin crates, age up with The Bishop, for a Town Center


  • Research Gang Saw (wood), put all but 5 villagers on wood, and gather your crates
  • Send the unique church tech shipment, Royal decree to claim the new world
  • Build a Church and 2 Houses
  • As you reach 1000 wood afterwards, put 5 villagers on coin, keep 5 on wood, the rest on food
  • Make sure to queue as many villagers as possible. You will either keep them in queue or cancel them to train War Dogs if needed

Age 3

  • Send 2 Falconnets
  • Build your Town Center close to your initial one. Make sure to secure your second coin mine
  • Research the Quatrefage tech in your Church, for 13 Guard Halberdier
  • Put your rally point at your Outpost, deflect your opponent push with the double pop!
  • Feel free to train one Missionary to heal your units
  • Send Spanish Gold followed by 7 Cows. Gather the crates as they arrives, make sure to not gather more than 1200 coin. As the sheep get fully fattened, put the majority of your food villagers on them
  • Macro towards 2000 food and 1200 coin, knowing that the 2 shipments above will provide 800 coin
  • You should build as few Houses as possible. As you generate excess of wood and food, research Placer Mines (coin) and Amalgamation (coin), but do not delay your age up especially for the second one
  • Age up with The Engineer, for 2 Falconnets


  • Keep 5 villagers on wood, 5 on food to finish your sheeps, and the rest on gold! We need Mercantilism as fast as possible
  • Send Unction, make sure to gather the coin crates!
  • Research Mercantilism

Age 4

  • Transfer all your coin villagers but 6 to primarly wood and food. If none is available is your base, keep them on coin and buy the rest. The goal is to reach 1000 of each resources without using our cows! Remember to gather your Spanish Gold coin crates
  • Send both Factories and research the upgrade Cannery (food) for them, and put them on food
  • Build a Saloon
  • Revolt to Argentina!


  • Send Granaderos
  • Use your Falconnets and Revolutionnaries to deflect your opponents attack in the meantime. Keep your Gauchos to gather your cows, that should now be fattened!
  • Train Revolutionnaries to hold if needed!
  • As the Granaderos arrives, you should be able to completly destroy your opponents armies if they don’t retreat. Train constant Granaderos in your Saloon from that point
  • Send Citizenship, for 6 Villagers and villagers can be recruited again and cost 70 coin. Those 6 villagers must gather your Spanish Gold coin crates, and then gather coin to sustain training of more villagers. All the new villagers must go on wood. That wood will be used to build additionnal Livestock Pens, get the Dance Hall upgrade in your Saloon, get the fattening speed upgrade in your Livestock Pens, and train additionnal Missionaries to make full use of Unction, and to upgrade their hitpoints and speed
  • Send Cattle Drivers, as this vill give you more Cows and an additionnal Livestock Pen. Any excess of food must be use to train more Cows and Sheeps, as they will be the fuel for your entire army
  • Build an Arsenal and make sure to research the Incendiary Grenades and Ranged Cavalry Caracole upgrades. Your Granaderos are now fully upgraded! In your Church, research the upgrade for Cavalry Training time. Your Granaderos are now trained instantly! Nice isn’t it?

From there it’s up to you! Make sure to send Cattle Drivers again early as this will fuel your economy, then send 4 Gatling Guns on repeat!

Food is going to sustain all your need for a while army wise. Make sure to keep gathering wood and coin to build up your Estates coin economy for the later stages of the game, in case your need to add other units to your composition!


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