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Spanish Logistician water boom!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1



A big thanks to G_L_J for that one! He challenged me : can you make a deck that can apply pressure on land while water booming with Spain? Challenge accepted! Ofc both those things don't really work well together. Both require heavy investements in 3 different resources, and water booming requires low initial value cards.

That's where the Logistician comes in! By boosting our Exploration Age shipments with extra resources, we are going to get the extra boost we need. The benchmark for this build order is 20 Musketeers, 23 Villagers and 15 Fishing Boats at 7 minutes 30!

Be warned : this build order is very hard to play! The execution in itself is hard, requiring a lot of APM, but at the same time you need a good enough game sense to keep adapting.

  • Incredibly versatile and safe
  • Strong eco, both on water and land
  • Can easily mass military units
  • Requires water
  • Extremely hard to execute
  • Jack of all trades, master of none! Adapt!

So here it is, our first water build order and deck on the website!

Let’s talk a bit about water booming. It usually requires at least 5 to 6 cards :

  • Schooners (Exploration Age), to reduce the cost of fishing boats and train them faster
  • Fish Market (Exploration Age), to boost the gather rate
  • Whale Oil (Exploration Age), to boost the gather rate on Whales only. Sadly unavailable for Spain
  • Rendering Plant (Commercial Age), to boost the gather rate
  • Economic Theory (Exploration Age), to boost the gather rate
  • Wood crates, to sustain the entire thing

Considering wood crates can be an Exploration Age shipment as well (even if clearly inferior is most cases), that’s up to 4 Exploration Age shipments. The Logistician on the other hand, adds 200 food, 100 wood and 100 coin to every Exploration Age shipment, on top of making it faster to arrive.

With this strategy, the Logistician alone is going to produce an extra 1600 resources for us! Considering your best alternative option is considered to be the Govenor (200 coin), considering 700 wood provides 400 more resources than 300 wood, and that it cost 100 more food to age up, we are still generating an extra 900 resources before 7 minutes, the bulk of it being just after aging up! Any surplus of resources in the early game can lead into a snowball in the mid game, especially when producing Villagers / Fishing Boats out of 3 buildings at once!

On top of that, those resources are splitted and kind of trickle shipment after shipment. It will allow us to invest into multiple things at once. You can both grow your Fishing Boat count while having the additional crates to train Musketeers.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates. Put 5 villagers on wood, rest on food
  • Build a Trading Post
  • Build an House. Swap all villagers to food
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • Send 300 wood
  • Age up at 16-17 villagers with the Logistician, for Exploration Age shipment arriving faster with extra resources


  • Gather 100 food and your wood crates, swap all your villagers to wood but 1 to herd
  • Build a Market, research Gangsaw (wood)
  • Build a Dock and an House, train one Fishing Boat
  • Send Schooners as the Age up reaches around 60% and 300 wood
  • Make sure to have 200 wood on age up, then keep 10 villagers on wood, rest on food. New villagers should go on coin, up to 6, then food again

Age 2

  • Build a Barrack, as it finishes, start constant Musketeers production

How many Musketeers? The initial idea is to get 20, but you can also train only 10 and transition faster to fortress age! Stay flexible. Also shipment wise, send units or Caravels if needed! Then go back to the plan.

  • Gather your crates
  • Start constant Fishing Boats production from now on. Make sure to get the gather rate upgrades as you reach around 15 of them. Train 4 Fishing Boats * the number of Whales on the sea + 8 maximum (+ 4 being more reasonable). If your map has 2 seas, that’s a lot of Fishing Boats!
  • As you gather your 300 wood shipment, build a second Dock and a second military building (Barrack or Stable)
  • Add Houses to never block your production
  • Send Economic Theory, followed by Fish Market
  • If you trained only 10 Musketeers and macro more heavily for coin, you can age up now to be in Fortress Age around 9 minutes. If your trained 20 Musketeers, send 700 coin and age up, for a Fortress Age around 10 minutes. Prefer the Admiral of the Ocean Sea, for a Caravel and 400 wood


  • Mass Musketeers. You will get the veteran upgrade on Age Up for a strong timing, especially if paired with 2 Falconets
  • Research Hunting DogsĀ (food) and Placer Mines (coin)
  • You can send a shipment while in transition :
    • Rendering PlantĀ for max boom
    • 2 Caravels to secure the sea
    • Unction if you are planning on a timing attack as you age up! Deadly versus FI strategies

Age 3

  • Get your Musketeers Veterancy upgrade
  • Send either 2 Falconets for a strong timing on land, one Fregate for a strong timing on the sea, or Spanish Gold for even more greed, especially if you age up without sending 700 coin!
  • From there you want to transition towards the excellent Skirmishers, Rodeleros and Lancers compositions! Prefer sending upgrades over units, make sure to get your Rodeleros Veterancy upgrade

From there the game is really up to you! I can’t stress enough how key it is to adapt with this build order. Your opponent is not pushing? Use the Muskets to pressure yourself! He is pushing? Send a few units in Commercial in order to defend. He is vastly delayed after a strong Commercial Age on your end, Spanish Gold to snowball!

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