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The (in)Famous Piroshiki Spanish FF

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Timing Attack

As deadly as it is rigid, the Spain Piro FF leaves no room for error on your opponent side.

2 Falconnets and a bunch of units in your opponent base before 8 minutes !

Be aware, you must win with that timing attack, as the strategy is completly all-in.

  • Incredibly effective
  • Hits hard, hits fast
  • Will win games for free if your opponent doesn't scout
  • Completly all-in
  • Extremely rigid
  • Subject to being rushed

Spain has the ability to send shipments more often than other civilizations. Thanks to that ability and an early Trading Post, we are going to be able to send 5 shipments before 7 minutes. This is allowing us to have just enough ressources and send the required cards for a deadly timing attack, catching our opponent off guard with high tech units while he is still vulnerable.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

This variation from our favorite Blueberries dealer, Aussie_Drongo, hits incredibly hard and is very hard to dismantle thanks to 13 guard Halberdiers on top of our 2 Falconnets

Age 1

  • Gather 100 food from your crates, then 200 wood, then the rest of your food crates
  • Send your Explorer towards a Trading Post build site as soon as possible
  • Queue a Villager as you have 100 food
  • Build a Trading Post as you have 200 wood
  • All villagers to food, queue 2 Villagers, up to 9/10 population
  • As your first shipment arrives, select your deck in advance, and send the 3 Villagers shipment as soon as possible ! You will be at 12/10 population
  • Gather 800 food, use any livestock to speed up the process, age up with The Governor, giving you an Outpost and 200 coin

During this age, you should focus your explorer on finding food treasures only ! Wood and coin treasure however will be gathered during the transition or age 2.


  • Switch villagers to wood to be able to gather 100 wood and build a House before you age up. Treasures can greatly speed up the process
  • Swap back all your villagers to food
  • Queue 2 Villagers

Age 2

  • Immediatly send 700 coin shipment and 700 wood shipment
  • Send your Outpost towards a safe position near your opponent base. Hide it as much as possible !
  • Gather your two coin crates, and then 100 additional coin. Treasures can greatly speed up the process
  • As they arrive, gather your 700 coin with up to 7 Villagers depending on your food supply. The goal is to age up as fast as possible
  • We age up with either The Sergent at Arms or The Scout, for 8 Pikemen or 4 Hussars respectively


  • Get your explorer near your outpost
  • Gather your 700 wood crates, build a Church and a House
  • Send the unique church tech shipment, Royal decree to claim the new world
  • Transition all but 2-3 villagers to food. The goal is to be able to train War Dogs if there is a need to defend your outpost

Age 3

  • Send the 2 Falconnets shipment
  • Research the Quatrefage tech in your Church, for 13 Guard Halberdier
  • Push your opponent with your army ! You should be in your opponent base before 8 minutes !
  • Build more Houses in order to send additional units shipments, like the 5 Lancers
  • Make sure to transition up to 5-6 villagers to food, so after you built more houses you will be able to train more villagers

If you don’t win with this timing attack and successive units shipments, your recovery options are extremely limited as your economy will be very very limited at this point, as will be your infrastructure.


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