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FUN : Sweden Fusiliers are disgusting!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



Once upon a time, Swedes were peacefull people building houses and gathering berries .. NOT ANYMORE!!

If you like short games, to get your pixel points faster by crushing noobs, this is the build order for you. Fusiliers are on the menu today, ready to kill villagers after villagers in an absolutly disgusting rush!

Be aware, this is a very micro intensive build order. Your Fusiliers must stay alive for as long as possible.

  • Unmatched ability to kill villagers
  • Very unexpected
  • Rather all-in
  • Fusiliers are worse as level of play rises
  • Requires an excellent micro

This build order is all about one thing, speed ! In comparison to my previous aggressive build order for Sweden, this one hits way faster, but is far more reliant on snowballing.

As some of you may know, 3 French Fusiliers can one shot a villager. Since a villager kill and villager idle time is way more impactfull the earliest in the game, we got to strike fast ! But that’s not all : our opponent will very quickly react, sending and training units. And French Fusiliers are not good against a mass of units. We need to be there first in order to slow down any attempt at building a mass from our opponent.

Also French Fusiliers are very bad against high tech units, like skirmishers or canons. If those units are already on the field or ready to be shipped as we arrive, our attack is doomed.

Another point to really understand with the French Fusiliers are damage breakpoints, or how many shots do you need to kill one unit ! Every single shot matter, as killing a unit or not will often results in damage or your Fusilier, so your rush ending up sooner. Here are the most important breakpoints :

  • 3 shots kill a villager
  • 3 shots kill any musketeer like units
  • 2 shots kill any crossbowman like units
  • 2 shots kill a pikeman
  • 4 shots kill a hussar

In order to complement our French Fusiliers, we will ship additionnal units in order to counter our opponent counters ! Once again, the best is to ship them before our opponent ship his own units, and constantly be one step ahead.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build 2 Torps in your base on the coin mine. Make sure to have a dead hunt near them !
  • Ship 300 food
  • Age up with The Governor, for an Outpost and 200 coin

You should click for age up at 2:40


  • Swap all your villagers to wood but one to heard
  • Build a Trading Post with your explorer and a 3rd Torp in your wood line. After that, keep 1 villagers on food, 4 on wood, the rest on coin. New villagers should rally on coin

Age 2

You should be aged up at 4:10

  • Move your Outpost for a foward base position, near a coin mine and a hunt
  • Send the 3 French Fusiliers followed by Dominions. Make sure to change your shipment delivery point as your Outpost is going up
  • Start raiding with your 3 French Fusiliers. Rally all your units shipment towards them to support the rush
  • Build your Dominions Torps on your opponent outward wood lines and outward coin mines. The goal is to create a vision ring to scout your opponent villagers and deny any gathering

You should be killing villagers at 5:30 !

  • As you close to 180 wood, send 2 of your wood villagers toward the foward base position, and build a Barrack. Every excess of wood from now will be used to build Torps
  • Start training French Fusiliers from your barrack, you should be able to get batches of 3
  • Send 2 Leather Cannons and keep containing your opponent with your army. Keep your French Fusiliers mobile and screen their movements with your Leather Cannons.

First batch of Fusiliers and Leather Cannons should come out around 7:00.

  • Send 700 coin to train a full batch of French Fusiliers
  • Send 8 Pikemen to start sieging your opponent buildings
  • Send 700 wood. With it, build additional Torps and an Artillery Foundry. Swap up to 8 villagers on food, still 4 on wood, rest on coin. Stop building additionnal Torps
  • Start Producing additional Leather Cannons
  • Send Blueberries

From there it is completly up to you !


  1. ElDuna

    I am working on a variant of the build that goes 10/10 and adds a TP from the get go. It allows you to sneak in an extra 700f before treaty of Roskilde, allowing you to do 2 rushes back to back.

  2. Anonymous

    This is disgusting, all right. I absolutely destroyed a high-ELO player who thought he could pit a fusilier rush with minutemen. I think the strat they used was similar to what was outlined here. They resigned for an ez win

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