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FUN : United States finally viable ?

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Timing Attack

12 minutes United States with triple Forts and double Town Centers. At 13 minutes 20 we can have over 20 veteran Hussars, 40 Revolutionaries, 4 Gatling Guns and 16 Volunteers! A very powerful timing attack that can actually translate back to economy, all thanks to the Torp god.

This build order makes full use of Sweden new boom potential after the 2nd of February patch. Is this stronger than going Imperial Age? Probably not. Is this fun? Yes it is!

  • Very fun
  • Deadly timing attack
  • Simcity definitive edition
  • Good economy despite revolting
  • Vulnerable to early aggression
  • Still sacrifice a lot of eco to go revolt
  • Imperial Sweden is likely stronger

This strategy relies entirely on placing 6 Torps per mine. Learn how to do it! Make sure to keep an eye on what your opponent is doing and adapt. Put an early Barracks/Stable and start training units if you are being pressured.

But as i suggested above, play this Build Order mostly for fun. A more competitive one will be coming in the next days!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Collect your crates and build 2 Torps around your first mine. Make sure to have a dead hunt nearby
  • Send 3 Villagers
  • Age up at 14 or 15 villager depending on treasure you got with The Governor, for 200 coin and an Outpost


  • Swap all your villagers to wood but 2 to herd nearby hunts
  • Build additional Torps in your base, up to 6 per mines

Age 2

  • Send Dominions, build the Torps on a 3rd mine. Build another 2 Torps with a villager on that third mine. In total, we go up to 18 Torps
  • Build your Outpost, gather your crates
  • Send Ironworks
  • Swap a few villagers to hunts to reach 1200 food and 1000 coin
  • Send Blueberries
  • Age up with The Bishop, for a Town Center


  • Build a Church. Swap around 15 villagers to coin, rest on wood. The goal is to be able to research Mercantilism as fast as possible. Try to spread your villagers so your exhaust your in base mines at the same time

Age 3

  • Build your second Town Center
  • Research Mercantilism
  • Send the Fort with experience Aura, 3 copper mines and Blackberries
  • Age up with The Logistician, for a Fort


  • Swap all your villagers back to wood. Build a Stable and research Hussars Veterancy. Also build a Market and a Livestock Pen
  • Build your Fort as it arrives

Age 4

  • Build your second Fort. Send Castramentation and build your 3rd Fort. Cancel and resend Blackberries if it didn’t started already
  • Revolt to the United States once Blackberries arrives


  • Build your 4th Fort
  • Train 10 Revolutionaries with your Town Centers. Train as many Hussars as you can from your Forts
  • Send The Volunteers card and push your opponent! Use Hussars as scout / tanks

From there it’s up to you! This push should kill your opponent, but in case it doesn’t : Cowboys for 10 anti-cavalry units and livestock? Citizenship to fully recover your economy over time? Conscription for up to 52 minutemen?


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