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Sweden crossbows timing attack!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Timing Attack

I haven't posted a Sweden build order in the last week .. time to repair that mistake ! Sweden got buffed with the last patch, and boy oh boy, the boom is back in full force ! But screw that for today, we no boomers here ! We are here to crush noobs in 5 minutes to get our pixel points remember !

Today we will make use of an under-used card for Sweden, their Church card. With the recent addition to crossbows in their roaster, we are able to pack together a devastating attack around 7 minutes 15 ! 2 Leather canons, 16 veteran Halberdiers and 10 Crossbowmen with more constantly rallying !

This attack is designed to crush any Fast Fortress just as they try to age up. A devastating blow that few players will expect that early in the game.

  • Hits hard, hits fast
  • Easy to execute
  • Can recover rather nicely
  • Sacrifices a lot of early eco
  • Need to be left alone for 6 minutes 30

This build order is to use against any civilisation / opponent that like going for a Fast Fortress strategy.

By combining the power spike from Gustavian Guard (16 veteran Halberdiers) and the 2 Leather Canons shipment, supported by Crossbowmen, we mass a very versatile and menacing force before its counters are available. The French Fusiliers in reinforcement should make sure you opponent never gets back on his feet afterward !

This build order is rather all-in. However, thanks to the last balance changes, we can transition towards a boom as long as we ship BlueBerries before 10 minutes ! Very nice change if we are able to inflict critical damage but we are unable to close out the game.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build 2 Torps on a coin mine (try to get some trees as well). Make sure to have dead hunts nearby
  • Send either 3 Villagers
  • Age up with the Philosopher Prince, for 500 food


  • Swap all your villagers to wood. Keep only 2 villagers on food to herd nearby hunts
  • Build a Trading Post and a Torp in dense forest. The goal for them is to gather from 7 trees !
  • Gather an extra 150 wood, then swap all your villagers on food but 5 still on wood
  • Make sure your Town Center rally point is aimed towards your Torp, so the food crate spawn next to them

Age 2

  • Build a Church, send Dominions
  • Build a Barrack as soon as you have 200 wood
  • Send the Treaty of Roskilde
  • Now is the only tricky moment. You want the earliest batch of Crossbowmen possible, but without delaying your Gustavian Guard
  • Send 2 Leather Canons
  • Push as your Leather Canons arrive !
  • Rally in Crossbowmen constantly. Swap a few food villagers to coin in order to get 360 coin before your next shipment arrives
  • Send 3 French Fusiliers to support your push

This attack should be able to close the game. If not, send 700 wood, build as many Torps as possible, and ship Blueberries. This should get your economy going in order to transition towards a longer game.


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