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[Outdated] Sweden boom isn’t dead !

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1




At this point i might rename the website : no-idle-tc-for-sweden. Sorry guys i'm a dirty Sweden main, and i still have a few strategies to share with you !

If you are one of these people still believing in the Torp god : we are going to boom ! This compete eco wise with a Dutch player on 5 Banks. All while staying relatively safe and flexible at the same time.

The army composition we are going to aim for is probably the most powerfull Sweden as access to in Fortress Age at the moment : Jaegers and Hakkapelits !

  • Highly flexible !
  • Incredibly strong economy
  • Hard to play
  • Needs to ramp up a bit

DISCLAIMER : You should have this deck in 2 versions ! One with 300 food and one with 3 villagers ! Which one we go for depend on the civilisation we are facing. The 3 villagers are more greedy and long term, the 300 food is safer. Don’t you worry, the safe version is the one competing with a Dutch player on 5 Banks. Both boom incredibly hard !

Sweden players don’t build houses, they build Torps. Torps gather nearby ressources and have a number of upgrades available to them through cards :

  • BlueBerries will replace every existing berry bush by a blueberry bush, gathering twice as fast and adding 375 food to it. If you villagers are upgraded with Hunting Dogs, this equate a 0.4 villager shipment per Torp with a berry bush still present !
  • Engelsberg Ironworks boost the coin gather rate of Torps. With placer mines, it equates to a 0.45 villagers per Torp

On top of that, we can stack multiple shipments to very quickly get our Torps up :

  • Dominions ships us 4 Torps, on top of making Torps more tanky and able to receive shipments
  • 700 wood allow us to build more Torps !

By combining all those cards early into the game, we are going to get our eco to explode !

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!


Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build 2 Torps, make sure to have dead hunts nearby
  • Send either 300 food or 3 Villagers, depending on how fast you want to age up
  • Age up with The Governor, for an Outpost and 200 coin


  • Swap all your villagers to wood but 2 to herd
  • Build a Trading Post
  • Build your 3rd Torp
  • Save 350 wood

Age 2

  • Send Dominions and 700 wood
  • Build a Barrack or a Stable, depending if you want to train Caroleans or Hussars. Start constant training as it’s up. I would choose Barrack and Caroleans in most cases
  • Build a Market, search Hunting Dogs (food). Swap all your villagers to food but 5 on coin
  • As Dominions arrives, build the 4 Torps on a nearby coin mine
  • Change your shipment delivery point to your Torps in order to auto-gather the 700 wood. Build 5 Torps with the wood gathered this way. You should be up to 12 Torps. Research Placer Mines (coin). Macro to keep constant production of military units

Here you can spare a unit shipment in order to defend yourself or 700 coin to produce more batches out of 2 military buildings. In that case, don’t get Placer Mines (coin) and skip a Torp to add that military building. If you are going for Leather Canons, make sure to keep 7 villagers on wood !

  • Send BlueBerries. As it arrives, swap a lot of your villagers to wood and coin and macro towards for the appropriate composition to survive in age 2. Research Placer Mines (coin) and Gang Saw (wood) if not researched already
  • Send Ironworks to get your eco on overdrive

From there you can either stay in Age 2 or transition to Fortress at any moment with The Exiled Prince for a fast age up and ship the Jaegers ! In Age 2, Hussars, Caroleans and Leather Canons are one of the best late age 2 composition !


  • Move almost all your villagers to coin
  • Get a second Stable and mass Hussars while macroing towards 900 coin

Age 3

  • Ship 10 Jaegers. Upgrade your Hussars and start training Hakkapelits and Jaeger constantly. Add Hussars when you got an excess of food !
  • Macro so you got an excess of wood to spare on a second Town center and Estates while keeping constant unit production

From there it’s really up to you ! You got the army composition of your dreams and a really strong economy running behind it. Make sure to send coin mines when the old one are expiring, BlackBerries when BlueBerries runs out. Start getting some Estates and Mills up.

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