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Sweden cavalry and Jaegers Fast Fortress!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1


Fast Fortress

Since the last patches, Sweden as been able to adopt a wider array of strategies, primarly thanks to the changes on Torp berry bushes. This has notably oppened semi Fast Fortress strategies, as Blueberries can be sent later in the game.

This build order aims to exploit this new potential fully, going straight to an high tech composition! The goal is to quickly have access to Jaegers, before 10 minutes, as they will allow you to apply a lot of pressure on the opponent.

You follow up on this pressure with a deadly timing attack around 11 minutes! This leaves just enough room to then ship your economical cards. Indeed, only two berry bushes will have expired by then, so Blueberries is still a very valuable shipment.

  • Quick access to a strong Skirmishing composition
  • Deadly timing attack around 11 minutes
  • Strong economy, assuring a good transition afterwards
  • Your opponent must not mass, as the army composition will get ouscaled
  • As always with Sweden, needs to setup first
  • A bit rigid. You can stay in Commercial Age but it's far from ideal

This strategy core goal is to quickly access one of Sweden most deadly composition : Jaegers, Hakkapelits and artillery. This composition excels in early Fortress Age, as the mass on both sides is limited and your units strenght per model is going to completly overwhelm your opponent.

However, this unit composition scales very poorly as your opponent masses. You must take your chance and snowball with it. If you are not able too, a transition towards a more Carolean centric composition will be needed to be more cost effective.

Also, a safer approach to this strategy exist by training Caroleans in Commercial Age instead of Hussars. You can quickly build a mass of 15 to 20 Caroleans in transition while adding your Stable to start training Hakkapelits as you age up

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather your crates, build 2 Torps around your in base coin mine. Make sure to build one close enough to your Town Center for it to be able to gather crates
  • All villagers on food
  • Age up at 14-15 villagers (depending on treasures) with The Governor, for 200 coin and an Outpost


  • Transition all villagers on wood but 2 for herding. Build a Trading Post and a Torp in your wood line
  • Gather 200 wood, then transition 3-4 villagers on coin, the rest on food
  • Make sure to target your Town Center rally point towards your coin mine Torps

Age 2

  • Send Dominions, they will be built in wood lines as well, coin and wood line at the same time if possible
  • Build a Stable and start training 5 Hussars. Force your opponent on the defensive with them
  • Send 700 coin and macro towards 1200 food and 300 coin
  • Age up with The Exiled Prince, for a Fast Age Up


  • Keep 6 villagers on food, rest on coin
  • Send 700 wood and add 5 Torps, around coin mines
  • Train a second batch of 5 Hussars when possible. Make sure to macro towards a total of 900 coin for when your next shipment will be ready

Age 3

  • Build a Market. Send 10 Jaegers as soon as possible, sell excess of food if needed. Start pressuring with this small army. Look for small skirmishes and “free” XP
  • Behind that, get up to 8-10 villagers on food, rest on coin, and train Hakkapelits
  • Send 2 Falconets. As they arrive, push your opponent and look for critical damage on his infrastructure or economy. Put 5 villagers from coin on wood before pushing
  • At that point you have two options :
    • Reinforce your attack with your 5 Hakkapelits shipment
    • Send Blueberries and add the last missing Torps

If not sent, Blueberries should be your next shipment!

  • Add a Barrack as you reach 200 wood (with your 3rd to 4th batch of Hakkapelits at worse) to reinforce with a full batch of Jaegers

From there it’s really up to you. As long as your opponent mass is low, this army composition is king and will be very effective. But if you let him mass too much, you will have to add Caroleans and Leather Canons into the mix for more cost efficient units!

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