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[FUN] USA : Massa Saloon Madness!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



"Oh my god! Oh my god it's happening! Every body stays calm ok!" YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!

The dev team did it, they made a Mercenary / Outlaw build order viable! THANK YOU DEV TEAM! THANK YOU!!

As you can see, I am extremely excited to show you this build order. This is why Age of Empires 3 DE is an awesome game. Through the use of cards and specific synergies between them, we are able to make a non-viable strategy, viable, if we are on the proper map for it.

If you are as pumped as I am for Outlaws and Mercenaries, you are going to love this one. Complete jank incoming, but it's actually good!

  • Jank, but viable!
  • Outlaws! What else?
  • Excellent Trading Post line control
  • Scaling Outlaws and mercenaries
  • Surprisingly strong economy
  • Requires 4 or more Trading Post that you can take
  • Takes time to start, but it's worth it

Ok so what synergies are we going to use exactly?
It is a 3 card combo :

  • Chinese Immigrants provide us with a Trading Post Ricksaw, and allow to levy more for free
  • Advanced Saloon allow our Saloons to support 25 population, and to be built from Military Wagons
  • Arkansas Post will send 3 Trading Post Wagon, and allow those to build Saloons!

When i saw this, my mind did a trip to Mars before coming back. This strategy might be viable on ATP maps!

An ATP (advanced trading post) map is a map with 4 to 5 Trading Post which can be taken by both players!

But that’s not all! Now that we got our Saloons, we need a TON of gold right? Boston Tea Party! One of the card provided by Massachusetts, is going to transform all our lovely food… to more coin!

They are many, many more synergies in this build order! But i’ll let you figure them out!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather all your crates except a wood one, then put all Villagers on food
  • Build an House
  • Send the Chinese Immigrants, for a Trading Post Rickshaw, and the ability to levy more
  • Build your first and second Trading Posts thanks to the Chinese Immigrants
  • Gather 800 food, age up at 13 Villagers with Massachsetts, for an Military Wagon

You should click at 3:05 with a perfect execution!


  • Gather your second wood crate and build a Market. If you got some wood and coin treasures, get Hunting Dogs. If not, do not waste any time gathering for it
  • Send Advanced Saloon, so Saloons support 25 population and you can build them from Military Wagons
  • Try to scout your opponent to see what is first military building is!

Age 2

You should age at 4:45 with a perfect execution!

  • Build your Saloon with the Military Wagon near the Trading Post line. Make sure to use your flag to speed up construction and training time!
  • Send Boston Tea Party. This will convert our fast gathered food into more, slow gathered coin!
  • As Boston Tea Party arrives (around 5:30 at worse), start your first batch of Cowboy, Owlhoot or Gunslinger, and buy 300 wood. Build your second House. Keep 9 villagers on food, the rest on coin

Cowboy against Cavalry, Owlhoot against Infantry, Gunslinger if that’s all you can train or for siege damage!

  • Send Arkansas Post. This card will allow our Trading Post Wagons to build Saloons and ship 3 of those! The goal is to have your second batch completing 10 seconds after it arrives
  • As it arrives (around 6:15 at worse), send 2 of those Trading Post Wagons to build new Trading Posts, and one towards you other Saloon to build your second Saloon. Use your levy ability to get another Trading Post Wagon and build your last Saloon. You should have the pop space to complete your second batch!
  • Send Dance Hall
  • Research Stagecoach. Keep only 6 villagers on food, rest on coin
  • Start training Outlaws non stop. Keep a good amount of Gunslingers in the mix for siege damage
  • Put stagecoach on wood and get your mather upgrades for coin!
  • Next card is Silversmith, followed by Irish Immigrants (sent at 9:21 so it arrives at 10:01!)

Make sure to get the upgrade at the Saloon for your Outlaws charge abilities at some point! Control the Trading Post line, out-eco your opponent, and try to use your charge abilities on cooldown as much as possible.

If you need to age, send 700 food and put Stagecoach on food. For Fortress Age, you should pick Kentucky! For Industrial Age pick Ohio or Vermont depending on your Trading Post line control!


  1. Carbonara

    I really liked your build order in pictures, so I could use it while playing. But I can understand that it probably takes too much time.

  2. AFKnorris

    I can’t get 20 Cowboys before 7:00 mins! Is it really accurate? My best time with good treasures was 7:30. After doing this Strat a couple of times I think it is only good going to Fortress while defending the trade route, and getting a lot of State Militia to make the outlaws worth more for their cost.

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