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USA : Maryland Semi-FF crushing water lamers!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Semi Fast Fortress

SOON TO BE EDITED! I've found a better build order this morning! Faster Fortress age and more pressure in Commercial Age!

Yesterday we saw the raw power of USA thanks to the Virginia Fast-Fortress. But this civilisation is much much more than just raw power : it can also adapt like no others! Today we are going to take a look at a build order designed to crush water lamers hopes and dreams.

Using Pennsylvania followed by Maryland, we are going to first slow down our opponent, before completly taking over the sea. Not only that, but by doing so, we will generate a huge amount of income in no time! This build order is completly nuts and may be among the most powerfull strategies i've seen against water play.

Just to give you an hint, we are going to insta pop 4 Sloops at once before 9:30 while being able to send a Fregate right after if needed. An extremely strong power play that your opponent will have a very hard time defending against!

  • Extremely strong against water booming strategies
  • Insane mid to late game economy
  • Excellent control over the sea once in Fortress Age
  • Strong only against water booming strategies
  • Starts a bit slow

The idea behind the build order is very simple :

  • pop 4 Sloops all at once and destroy our opponent water economy
  • send Chesapeake Oyster Pirates right after so each of our Sloops now gather at the rate of 3.3 Villagers on coin!

To put that into perspective, this shipment is competing with a Factory in term of ressources generated per seconds!

The best way to achieve that gameplan in my opinion is to go for Pennsylvania in the Commercial Age. Thanks to it, we are going to unlock a few things :

  • an Outpost to block our opponent expansion on the sea early in the game
  • a strong coin trickle to build up into a stronger mid game economy

On top of that, we are going to add a little bit of early pressure with a few Hussars. The goal is obviously not to kill our opponent with those, but just to deny him some wood chopping and overall disrupt his gameplan without really slowing ours.

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather all your crates, then put all Villagers on wood
  • Build an House, and gather wood until you reach 200 wood. After that, swap all villagers to food
  • Send the French Immigrants, for 3 Coureur des Bois and your villagers are stronger in combat, but costing 200 wood
  • Scout the shore on your opponent side of the map. If he is going water, we go for this strategy! Otherwise, default to a Virginia Fast Fortress
  • Gather 800 food, age up at 16 Villagers with Pennsilvania, for an Outpost Wagon

You should click at 3:05 with a perfect execution!


  • Swap all your villagers to wood, but 2 herding
  • Build a Trading post (if your map got none, build a Market, and another House), 2 Houses and a Market. Then gather 200 extra wood before splitting your Villagers between food and coin
  • Send Irish Immigrants at 4:21, not before! That way you will receive 4 Villagers at 5:01

Age 2

You should reach Commercial Age at 4:45! The goal is to train 5 Hussars. For that, we will need exactly 300 coin. Do not gather more than that, otherwise you wont have enough food

  • Build your Oupost along the shore to deny your opponent expansion on water
  • Gather your XP crates
  • Send Philadelphia Convention, for a Meeting House Wagon and unique technologies in your Meeting House
  • Build a Stable. Start training your 5 Hussars. You need 300 coin in total, then every Villager on food
  • As your Meeting House Wagon arrives, build it, and research the coin trickle
  • With your 5 Hussars, apply pressure on your opponent! Deny some wood gathering, make sure he is idled
  • Send 700 coin
  • Macro towards 1200 food and 300 coin. Gather your crates as they arrive
  • Age up with Maryland, for a Sloop

You should click around 7:45!


  • Transition 15 Villagers to wood and your 3 Coureur des Bois to coin, rest on food
  • We are looking for 3 things : a Dock, a Sloop, and a second Trading Post
  • Train as many Hussars as you can on top
  • Send 2 Sloops when you are around 60% done with the Age up, start training your Sloop from the dock at the same time! Make sure to get your water delivery point positioned aggressively

Age 3

  • Slam your 4 Sloops into your opponent water economy! Deal as much damage as possible but keep your Sloops alive!
  • Gather your XP crates
  • Send Chesapeake Oyster Pirates. After it arrives, make sure to gather fishes with your Sloops, and food with your Coureur des Bois
  • Now the goals are simple : building a Market and get food and wood upgrades (rank 1 and 2 for both) ; get our 5th Sloop ; send Russian Immigrants to start massing Infantry. Make sure to keep training Hussars at the same time, upgrade them to veteran, and build the required houses

You might have to send a Frigate if your opponent is trying to retake water. In that case, build one barracks before sending the Russian Immigrants to start massing

  • Once your Blockhouses arrives, idealy build one mid map and the other next to the shore with your Dock and Outpost. Start training State Militias. Make sure to upgrade them to veteran once you have at least 20 of them
  • Send 3 Gatling Guns, push your opponent on both sides, water and land!
  • Send Long Rifles as you push

This attack will pack a huge punch on an already weakened opponent. The goal is clearly to end the game on the spot. If not, use your wood economy to transition into multiple Town Centers. Make sure to keep control over the see with your Boats and Outposts. Contain your opponent, age up to Industrial, and unlock the mighty Ironclads to unlock the situation!

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