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USA : Secret Virginia FF breaking the meta!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Fast Fortress

We did it! We broke the meta again! Boys and girls, dogs cats and fishes, if you got children alongside you, make sure to cover their eyes. This strategy is PEGI 18! The new and improved Virginia FF!

In the Virginia Fast Fortress guide, i told you this is likely the most powerfull build order and the one to be optimised the most. We were having a chat this morning with Aussie_Drongo, trying to push this BO to the next level. Suddenly the idea came out! But what if we stay in Exploration Age for as long as possible?

And that's how this build order was born! No Trading Posts map? No problem! Fortress age in 7 minutes with a shipment ready to be sent! On top of that, at 8 minutes this build order has a 42+ Villagers economy!

We can compare this to a British Virginia Semi-FF in term of economy! But we are already in Fortress Age! Also the USA innate ability to defend against rushes, betwen Minutemen and strong villagers, allow us to hold against rushes!

  • The most powerfull build order yet for the USA
  • Unmatched economy
  • Extremely fast Fortress Age
  • Safe for such a greedy strategy
  • Exposed to rushes. You will have to train how to defend with this build order

Why should we choose between Dutch Immigrants or Irish Immigrants? Why should we have to pick a side when we love both of them?

Good new, you no longer have to! By sending all 3 Immigrants cards before reaching Commercial Age, we are able to build a massive 28 villagers strong economy in the Exploration Age! This allow us to gather enough ressources to immediatly click for Fortress Age! Crates are for the weaks!

Once in Fortress Age, the economy this build order puts together is absolutly unmatched! Excellent map control on top of it, a very solid and easy to put together army composition, once online this build order is absolutly nuts!

The only tricky part will be to survive the early game. Between upgraded villagers (Frontiersmen in the Market + French Immigrants) and the Minutemen from your Town Center or from your Home City (Virginia Culpeper Minutemen), you should be able to secure you Barracks to start pumping out Regulars in age 2 if needed.

On a side note, this build order also opens the window for Fast Industrial stategies under 9 minutes 30!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

A huge thanks to Aussie_Drongo for this collab! Go check him out!

Age 1

This is going to be the longest Exploration Age you have ever seen!

  • Gather all your crates, then put all Villagers on wood
  • Build an House, and gather wood until you reach 200 wood. After that, swap 6 Villagers to food, the rest on coin!
  • Send the French Immigrants, for 3 Coureur des Bois and your villagers are stronger in combat, but costing 200 wood
  • Gather up to 400 coin, then swap your coin villager to wood again, and gather 150 wood, before putting all villagers to food
  • Send Dutch Immigrants as soon as possible, for a Bank and a gather rate bonus on mines but costing 350 coin. Build the Bank as it arrives
  • Build a Market and research Hunting Dogs

With excellent treasures, you might also want to build a Trading Post! Prefer gathering coin for that after Dutch Immigrants arrived and buy 200 wood!

  • If your opponent is giving signs of early aggression, buy 100 wood and build your second House
  • Gather 800 food, age up at 19 Villagers with Virginia, for a Military Wagon

You should click at 4:21 with a perfect execution!


  • Send Irish Immigrants
  • Split your villagers 2/3 on food, 1/3 on coin. Macro towards 1200 food and 1000 coin

Age 2

You should reach Commercial Age at 6:01!

  • Build a Barracks with your Military Wagon
  • Age up with New Hampshire, for 5 Regulars

You should click at 6:01 with a perfect execution!


  • Send Virginia General Assembly, for a State Capitol Wagon and the first upgrade being free!
  • As soon as you can, buy 100 wood in your Market and build your second House
  • Build your State Capitol with the wagon. Immediatly research Statehood, for an age up 50 seconds faster and twice the XP from crates from it
  • You should start your batch of Regulars 25 seconds before you age up. With perfect execution, this means starting your batch at 6:36. That way, as you age, you will suddenly pop 10 Regulars and be able to call Minutemen on top of that! This should be able to push back any pressure, especially with your Town Center firing behind!

Age 3

You should reach Fortress Age at 7:01! From there, every thing you do depend on the amount of pressure your opponent is putting on you. Send the 3 Gatling Guns at any point if you feel the need!ย 

  • Send a Factory. Make sure to put it on wood as it arrives. New villagers go to food or coin (keep a good balance between both)
  • Keep training Regulars, get your Veterancy upgrade for them
  • Get your Market upgrades for your villagers, Placer Mines, Steel Traps and Frontiersmen, when you got resources to spare
  • Send the Russian Immigrants, for 2 Blockhouses and a massive 30% boost for hunting! Try to use the Blockhouses to secure outward mines and hunts

From there guys, it’s really up to you! Spam Regulars andย Gatling Guns, later on add cavalry with Hussars and Uhlans! If your opponent got too much cavalry, make sure to ship the Dragoons and get a Fort up to train more. A few Culverins are also a must to protect your Gatling Guns from ennemy Culverins!

If the game is slower, build additional Town Centers and Trading Posts with your State Capitol. Make sure to get all your military upgrades in your Arsenals, and have fun!


    • Kenoky

      Indeed cause drongo chop for a tp, which is an extra not needed to begin with ๐Ÿ™‚

      He also chop for houses instead of buying, which is another small mistake. The BO is new, we are still learning it and we still do some small mistakes

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve attempted this build order a couple of times and the only time I’ve been able to make it work was when I collected a large xp treasure, otherwise my third shipment comes in closer to 5:20 than to 4:20. Do you have a sense of how much xp I need to gather from guardians or treasures to make the build work? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      You always need wood to be a bit flexible.couldn’t you even send the wood in place of the factory first for wagons from the Capitol?

  2. Cameron Warner

    I love your strategy on this! Now that the game has gone through a few updates, I’ve noticed that the fortress age gatlin gun cards are now condensed into one infinite card (rolling artillery). That gives room for one more card. I was thinking you could add both the Spanish immigrant and the Dutch immigrant card into this deck to make it versatile. Thoughts?

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