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USA! Spanish Immigrants Tower Rush!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
1 vs 1



The first USA build order on the website! Today we will take a look at a very simple but deadly rush. You just want to climb the ladder to brag about how you reach 1300 ELO? Meanwhile your friends are stuck at 1000 playing USA? This is the build order for you!

Of course the more you will climb and the better people will be at countering such all-in strategies. However, in specific matchups, those having an hard time dealing with a big infantry mass early in Commercial Age, this build order can shine!

  • Hits really hard, really fast
  • If your opponent get caught off guard, free win
  • Completly all in

In order to perform this rush, we need 5 things :

  • A forward shipment delivery point (aka an outpost)
  • Many shipments
  • An early barracks
  • Be able to immediatly start queing units
  • A strong unit for sieging

Let’s start by answering the last requierement : we need pikes ! And for that, we need to send the Spanish Immigrants card. For 300 food, it will ship an Outpost Wagon (250 wood value), bring an XP trickle of 1.7 / sec, or 1.4 Trading Post (so 280 wood value there) and it will allow us to call Pikes instead of Minutemen from our Outposts / Town Centers, for 150 food and 150 coin.

Ok so all we need now is to have an early barrack and have enough resources and pop space to start queing units! Easy!

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

  • Gather all your crates but 1 crate of wood. Put all villagers on food
  • Build an House
  • Send Capitalism, for a coin trickle
  • Age up with Virginia, for a Military Wagon


  • Keep all your villagers on food, make sure to herd with 2 of them
  • Send Spanish Immigrants, for an Outpost, an XP trickle, and the call Pike ability
  • Put 6-8 villagers on wood, gather your last crate. You will need to build 2 Houses and gather an extra 175 wood
  • Put all villagers on food but 2 on coin

Age 2

  • Build your Outpost and Barracks with your wagons at your forward base position. Make sure to put the Flag, General ability, on top of them
  • Call the Pikes from your Town Center

With the pikes, you want to burn down your opponent Trading Post or houses.

  • Gather your XP crates, send 8 State Militia
  • Train 5 State Militia followed by 5 Regulars. After that, put all villagers on food but 8 on wood
  • Send 700 wood as soon as possible

Do not hesitate to cut villager production and always keep one population space available. The only thing that matters from that point is to produce military units and be able to send unit shipments.

At 5:40, you should have 5 pikes and 13 State Militia, enough to one tap villagers while the pikes do the sieging. The Regulars should finish training around 5:55, to bring extra sieging and anti-cav.

  • You need an extra House as soon as possible. After it, all villagers back on food
  • Gather your wood crates when 700 wood arrives. With it, start training up to 10 State Militia again. Make sure to have 250 food and 250 wood available when your next shipment can be sent
  • Send 12 Seminole Sharktooth Bowman for 250 food and 250 wood and add one House
  • Your Pikes call should be ready again, send them from your Outpost and put half your villagers on coin, the other half on food. This will allow you to constantly train Regulars from now

The game should end with your second Pikes call. If not, try to send 600 wood and macro all for food once again for a last round of 10 State Militia and 12 Seminole Sharktooth Bowman. You can also still send 600 wood but take the Trading Post line with it and upgrade it to stage coach. That way you will quickly build up an economy.

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