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USA : Tower FF, the safest so far!

Written by Kenoky

Game mode
Team Games, 1 vs 1


Fast Fortress

"And another one... And another one.."

Yes i have been releasing more Fast Fortress build orders for the USA than build orders for the Lakota. I'm aware. But this faction can do it in so many ways it's incredible!

If the last one, the Secret Fast Fortress, blew your mind.. you are going to love this one! The big difference being : we've shifted from greed, to an extremely safe approach. Pikes, Outpost and beefy villagers, good luck cracking this one open in the early game.

If you are facing more aggressive civilisations but you still want to Fast Fortress (and you should!), this is the GO TO build order for you! Also this bad boy right here defends remarquably well against cavalry semi FF. A very important point considering how popular they are against the USA!

  • Extremely safe
  • Can turn into a semi very easily
  • Still reaches Fortress Age in 7:30
  • Need a Trading Post
  • Slower than other Fast Fortress
  • Less eco than the Secret Fast Fortress

So how do we achieve it?

We keep the trend of late aging (18 and not 19 this time), but this time we use the Spanish Immigrants instead of the Dutch! The added Outpost and Minutemen will be able to deal with most if not any early game aggression, especilly with buffed Coureurs des Bois and TC fire behind it!

The Pikemen are also key in deflecting any cavalry based harassment and can be called as soon as you age.

Worth noting : this build order switches extremely well into a Semi Fast Fortress! Train a batch of Hussars or two batches of Regulars, send one extra shipment, Hamiltonian Economics for example, and then keep going with your normal gameplan (700 coin, age up…)

Click on the blue boxes below for more details!

Age 1

This is going to be the longest Exploration Age you have ever seen!

  • Gather all your crates, then put all Villagers on wood
  • Build an House, and gather wood until you reach 200 wood. After that, swap 6 Villagers to food, the rest on coin!
  • Send the French Immigrants, for 3 Coureur des Bois and your villagers are stronger in combat, but costing 200 wood
  • Keep 5 villagers on food, the rest on wood. Gather 200 wood and build a Trading Post. Then swap all your villagers on food
  • Send the Spanish Immigrants, for an Outpost, the ability to levy Pikemen and a 1.7 XP / second trickle. Build your Outpost near your Town Center
  • Gather 800 food, age up at 18 Villagers with Virginia, for a Military Wagon

You should click at 3:56!


  • Send Irish Immigrants after 4:21, so you will receive 4 Villagers!
  • Gather 200 wood, for your second House and a Market

The Market is built for one reason only : Frontiersman!

  • Split your villagers 2/3 on food, 1/3 on coin. Macro towards 1200 food and 450 coin

Why not 300 coin? Because if you have to call the Pikes or Minutemen, the last thing you want to do is gathering coin last second to age. Same if you have to train military units, the extra coin will allow you to do so!

Age 2

You should reach Commercial Age at 5:26! We are going to train 2 Villagers.

  • If you are getting rushed :
    • Build a Barracks with your Military Wagon
    • Research Frontiersmen in your Market
    • Put 10 Villagers inside your Town Center, keep gathering with the rest as much as possible (chop for an extra house!)
    • Consider sending the Minutemen Card, Culpeper Minutemen, on top on using the Levy ability
    • Once Frontiersmen is researched, use your Villagers as your army!
  • If you are getting harrassed by Cavalry :
    • Use your levy ability to get 5 Pikemen
  • Send 700 coin and gather it
  • Age up with New Hampshire, for 5 Regulars

You should click at 6:26!


  • Send Virginia General Assembly, for a State Capitol Wagon and the first upgrade being free!
  • Chop for two extra Houses with 6 Villagers
  • Build your State Capitol with the wagon. Immediatly research Statehood, for an age up 50 seconds faster and twice the XP from crates from it
  • Start your batch of Hussars 40 seconds before aging up, or your batch of Regulars 25 seconds before aging up

Age 3

You should reach Fortress Age at 7:26! From there, every thing you do depend on the amount of pressure your opponent is putting on you. Send the 3 Gatling Guns at any point if you feel the need! 

  • Send the Russian Immigrants, for 2 Blockhouses and a massive 30% boost for hunting! Try to use the Blockhouses to secure outward mines and hunts
  • Start/keep training Regulars, get your Veterancy upgrade for them
  • Send a Factory. Make sure to put it on wood as it arrives. New villagers go to food or coin (keep a good balance between both)
  • Get your Market upgrades for your villagers, Hunting Dogs, Placer MinesSteel Traps and Frontiersmen, when you got resources to spare

From there guys, it’s really up to you! Spam Regulars and Gatling Guns, later on add cavalry with Hussars and Uhlans! If your opponent got too much cavalry, make sure to ship the Dragoons and get a Fort up to train more. A few Culverins are also a must to protect your Gatling Guns from ennemy Culverins!

If the game is slower, build additional Town Centers and Trading Posts with your State Capitol. Make sure to get all your military upgrades in your Arsenals, and have fun!


  1. Anonymous

    Loving all the US builds! Could you please consider doing another Lakota build soon. I’ve always wanted to play them but have never found a good build order.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, first time ever playing AoE in general, have been doing nothing but doing the easiest difficulty. We’ll see how I learn this thing.

  3. Rog'er Fahrenheit

    I imagine the infinite gatling gun nerf doesn’t ruin this BO, but what card do you bring instead? Are there any other changes you’d make now?

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