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The Swedes

Looking to learn about the Swedes in Age of Empires 3 DE ? This is the guide for you!

The Swedes are an economic and/or timing attack based faction. They can quickly set up a strong economy that will enable them to quickly mass the unit composition of their choice in order to crush their opponent.

All the difficulty resides in opting for the right timing by cutting or not your economic setup. You must choose the right unit composition, and not miss your attack with poor micro or because your are missing a key asset to deal with your opponent defense.

As a result, Sweden can seem completly overpowered when it wins, as your opponent is completly overwhelmed by the power of your economy and crushed by your attacks. But they are in fact a very difficult faction to play that requires good knowledge and macro skills to execute its strategies properly.

However, their incredible economic potential allow them to be more flexible in their gameplan and even put themselves in the defender sit comfortably in certain matchups. It also often give them a backup plan in case they fail their timing attacks, as late game Sweden is a very scary opponent.



Quick glance


Pros and cons



Build orders



Pros and cons

  • Pros

  • Deadly timing attacks without the usual economic drawbacks
  • Versatile playstyles, ranging from pure rush to booming
  • Very sastifying army to pilot, winning fights decisively
  • Cons

  • Hard to play! Practice is required to get a good feeling
  • Pretty slow economic setup. Most factions start the game faster
  • No easy access to Skirmisher and Dragoons

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Our goal with this guide is not to give you an exhaustive list of all the sources of income and their respective upgrades.
We will be talking about the more important ones that you should be focusing on.

The Torp

The pillar of Sweden economy, Torps replace Houses for the Swedes. They can gather nearby ressources at half the speed of a villager for food and coin, except trees that they will gather 10 times slower.

They also spawn a 200 food berry bush when built.

Dominions will ship 4 Torps Wagons that will allow you to quickly build 4 Torps. On top of that, you Torps can now receive shipments and collect resources from crates.

This allow you to gather crate shipments very simply without having to loose time with villagers!

Blueberries will transform every existing Torp berry bush into a blueberry bush, adding 200 food on it and gathering it twice as fast!

Newly built Torps will also spawn a 200 food blueberry bush instead of the normal berry bush.

Blackberries bushes will spawn next to every already built Torp. They are 1000 food each, and Torps can gather both blueberries and blackberries at the same time!

Also this shipment can be sended twice, giving access to large amounts of food supplies during the game.

Ironworks will double the gather rate of your Torps for coin, meaning every Torp next to a mine will gather at the same rate a villager would.

Be carefull as this will quickly deplete your coin mines!

Resource Torp Gather Rate /s (/m) Villager Gather Rate /s (/m)
Huntable 0.42 (25) 0.84 (50)
Mine 0.3 (18) 0.6 (36)
Wood 0.05 (3) 0.5 (30)
Livestock 1.0 (60) 2.0 (120)
Berry bush 0.335 (20) 0.67 (40)
Blueberry bush 0.67 (40) 0.67 (40)
Blackberry bush 0.335 (20) 0.67 (40)
Mine with Ironworks 0.6 (36) 0.6 (36)

When building a large amount of Torps and shipping most if not all of these upgrade cards, Sweden economy is one of the strongest in the game! But keep in mind, those ressources will end up expiring, so you got to make good use of them.

The difficulty resides in finding the time to build those Torps and send those upgrades. Easier said than done when you are being pressured.

In order to maximise their efficiency, it’s important to have your Torps gathering multiple ressources at once. Put your Torps next to a coin mine or in a pack of trees, and herd a hunt on top of it. Without upgrades, a Torp can gather from up to 7 trees at once, resulting in 0.35 wood per second vs 0.5 for a villager. This makes wood the best default resource to go for with Torps! But it’s often harder to properly herd hunts into wood lines, and upgrades allow other ressources to catch up.

The next thing to know is that you must send Blueberries before your Torps initial berry bushes expire. The initial 200 food berry bush will take 10 minutes to expire, so you have up to 9 minutes 30 to send the card blueberries without loosing any berry bush!

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The Settler

As with any civilisation in the game, the settler is of course the default way to get any ressources.

Highly upgradable through market and cards, you should always be training them unless you are aging.

Provides you 2 upgrades for each ressource, 3 for wood, boosting your Settlers gather rates by 10%, 20% and 30% each when tasked on natural resources.

The 1st upgrades are always worth going for, the 2nd or 3rd ranks are less of a priority, especially for the Swedes.

As we will see shortly after, Sweden army is very coin dependant. This upgrade will boost your Settler gather rate by 25% from any coin source.

This upgrade is key in order to keep up your military production in the late game!

Same as Royal Mint, but for food.

Sweden is naturaly less taxing on food. However if you are looking to trainsition to Mills or train Settlers from multiple Town Centers, it will give you the boost you need!

However, the Swedes starts with only 5 Settlers and got no Settler shipment after the Exploration Age. This makes upgrades for your Settlers less of a priority as Sweden, as you will get less value from them since your Settler count is lower.

This doesn’t change the fact that you should always aim to gather as much natural ressources (huntables and mines) before switching to infinite sources, like Mills and Estates.

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Once again, our goal here is not give you an exhaustive list of all available units.
We are presenting you the most commonly used army compositions, and for good reasons!

The Archaic composition

It is the easiest army composition to macro for in the early game. Very cost effective in the early game, with good siege, it however suffer from very poor scaling as the game progress.

This composition should be use only if you are rushing or to defend yourself from a rush. The wood cost of those units will reduce your ability to build Torps early in the game, resulting in a weaker economy.

The most affordable anti-cavalry unit in the game, it however performs very poorly against any other units.

Its saving grace resides in it’s excellent siege, allowing it to quickly burn down your opponent buildings very early in the game!

The most affordable anti-infantry unit in the game, it however performs poorly against cavalry.

They allow you to screen your opponent infantry in order for your pikemen to start sieging buildings, while being protected by said pikemen from cavalry.

The most affordable artillery in the game, available as early as the Commercial Age!

This bad boy will give you a massive advantage in early skirmishes and fights. With high fire rate and good range, quickly get rid off your opponent infantry.

The addition of the Leather Cannon give Sweden a massive advantage when facing similar compositions. Until your opponent get access to more advanced units like Skirmishers and Falconets, this composition is incredibly effective!

A very common tactic to quickly mass this army composition is to ship 700 and 600 wood crates in the early game. As wood is harder to gather, this will allow you to unbalance your economy towards food, leading in more efficient gathering! If you plan to go for this composition, include those shipments in your deck. Issues will start to rise as those shipments runs out and you will be forced to gather more wood to sustain your military production.

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The Commercial Age composition

Once again, a pretty easy composition to macro for. Compared to the Archaic composition, it is less affordable in the early game and will have an hard time trading efficiently against it for the first minutes. However, as it requires no wood, this composition allow you to keep building your Torps without reducing your military production directly.

This is the default Commercial Age composition, as it leaves you with the wider array of options. It also scales extremely well in the mid game with plenty of upgrades for each units.

A very versatile heavy cavalry with an high amount of hitpoints. Its mobility paired with it’s tankyness allow the Hussar to force the engagement and snare its opponents.

On top of this ability to facilitate the fights for other units, the Hussar deals decent damage to pretty much anything.

The Swedish variant of the Musketeer. With it’s range bonus against cavalry and higher fire rate, it will quickly win the cavalry engagement for you.

Once done with ennemy cavalry, it can quickly charge in melee to dispatch the infantry snared by your Hussars.

The most affordable artillery in the game, available as early as the Commercial Age!

This bad boy will give you a massive advantage in early skirmishes and fights. With high fire rate and good range, quickly get rid off your opponent infantry.

Once again, the addition of the Leather Cannon give Sweden a massive advantage when facing similar compositions, and your opponent will need to tech up or massively outmass you.

But it’s also really worth nothing that this composition shines thanks to the incredible synergy between its units : the Hussars tank range fire while Caroleans and Leather Cannons delete melee threats, opening the way towards your ennemy backline for your Hussars!

A very common tactic to quickly mass this army composition is to ship 700 coin crates in the early game. As coin is harder to gather, this will allow you to unbalance your economy towards food, leading in more efficient gathering! If you plan to go for this composition, include that shipment in your deck.

Also, since this army composition is less about early all-ins and has more scaling options in Fortress Age, you should include ways to transition out of the Commercial Age. 600 coin crates is really a must for that purpose.

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The Fortress Age composition

This time, this is not an easy composition to macro for at all. But damn is it powerful! Available only from Fortress Age and onwards, this high tech composition will exhaust every coin mine on the map and more. It’s strenght resides in it’s superior skirmishing capabilities and deadly cavalry charges to quickly capitalize on your opponent mistakes.

You should always aim to transition towards this composition as you reach Fortress Age as fast as possible, unless your opponent already massed.

Probably the best Skirmisher unit in the game per model, it trully shines when the units count on both sides are limited.

The Jaeger is very good at quickly dispatching range cavalry, the natural counter for your heavy cavalry!

Another Swedish unique unit. If the Hussar is the anvil, the Hakkapelit is definitly the hammer!

With it’s high speed and impressive attack, both at range and in melee, a charge of Hakkapelits is something to be afraid of.

Still very versatile and incredibly resilient, the Hussar is the tank of this composition.

Anytime one of your units is under pressure, put your Hussars in between them and the menace.

Again! The most affordable artillery in the game.

Why not use Falconets? Price. This artillery piece costing food will allow you to mass it on top of your Jaegers. In fights, these cannons quickly kill ennemy infantry, allowing your Jaegers to fully focus on ennemy range cavalry.

This army composition trully shines in early to mid Fortress Age, as both sides will have either limited mass or limited technology. Its excellent skirmishing capabilities paired with deadly charges should allow you to hinder your opponent ability to mass by taking positive trades constantly.

A large amount of your economy will have to be dedicated to coin in order to sustain this composition. That’s why it is very advised to include 3 copper mines and Royal Mint into your deck as the Swedes since the Ironworks nerfs.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to not allow your opponent to mass with this composition. Quickly look for trades and keep your Jaeger count around 15 to 20 constantly. They are the ones enabling this composition to apply constant pressure and push your opponent away from natural resources.

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The Late Game composition

As your opponent is starting to mass, the previous composition looses in cost efficiency. We need to start re-adding more efficient units in large numbers. That’s where the well upgraded Carolean shines! Their incredible survivability and damage output paired with a very affordable cost will allow you to match your opponent mass with a very cost effective unit.

As they excell at protecting any kind of artillery, we can finally transition towards heavier fire power in the form of Heavy Cannons or Falconets. Time to rain hell on your opponents!

As masses are going up on both sides and your opponent start re-adding cavalry, you need a cheap and efficient unit to mass on your own.

With it’s high damage and incredible survivability once upgraded, it is the go-to unit in the late game.

Still one the best Skirmisher unit in the game per model, the Jaeger is your anti range cavalry! Be carefull with them as they are expensive.

Let your Caroleans tank all the damage while your Jaegers decimate your opponent army.

In the late stages of the game, the Hakkapelit speed and damage, both in melee and range, allow them to rapidly dispatch anything.

Pick your opponent main source of damage and quickly get rid of it.

When both sides are starting to mass, it’s time for the big boys! The heaviest artillery available to the Swedes.

Well protected by your Caroleans, their incredible damage output vs large masses of infantry will allow you to brute force your way!

With this composition, you come back to your Commercial Age fighting style. Less skirmishes, more engages! It’s very important to not waste time in range skirmishes with this comp and to force the fight as early as possible.

March your Caroleans mass foward, force your opponent into a corner, and hammer them with your Hakkapelits and Heavy Cannons.

Upgrades to your Caroleans like Svea Lifeguard or Platoon fire are absolutly key for this unit composition to work. If you plan on going that late into the game, you will need those cards into your deck.

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Honorable mentions

The swedish Arsenal is by default upgraded to an Advanced Arsenal. Available from Age 2 and providing a number of upgrades for all your units, the Arsenal is a key component of Sweden army scaling.

Both of their unique units, Carolean and Hakkapelit, scale extremely well with upgrades thanks to their initial stat distribution, in particular their rate of fire and speed. It is also worth noting the the Hakkapelit is considered both a melee cavalry and a gunpowder cavalry. Thus both Cavalry Cuirass and Ranged Cavalry Caracole affect them! Mercenaries also scales extremely well with upgrades as their base stats are so high.

In any matchup in which cavalry might be an issue even with the power of the Carolean on your side, the Swiss Pikeman can single handedly turn the table in your favor! It’s ability to evaporate any cavalry it touches is unmatched.

They synergise incredibly well with the Church upgrade Push of Pikes, available only after sending the Treaty of Roskilde card, and the Military Drummer upgrade in the Arsenal. Both of these will increase their movement speed by 0.5 each, for a total of 6.0 speed, almost matching the speed of most heavy cavalry!

The Culverin is one of the most important units in the later stages of the game, when artillery is everywhere. By quickly getting rid of your opponent artillery from a long range and very quickly, they allow your Carolean mass to march foward without being blasted by Heavy Cannons.

It takes 2 shots for a Culverin to kill a Falconet or ennemy Culverin, and 3 shots to kill an Heavy Canon. It is critical to have enough Culverin in order to kill your targets in one volley!

The French Fusilier is an early game beast. An absolute monster on the battlefield as long as Skirmishers and Artillery are not around. Its extremely high mobility and damage make it a very micro intensive unit.

With it, you must pick and choose your fights wisely in order to avoid bad trades. It is wise to mix them with units that are good against any kind of early anti-infantry, like Crossbowman and Longbowman, in order to keep them alive for as long as possible.

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Build orders

We are currently going through all our build orders after the last patches to make sure they are up to date!
Obviously this list is going to change as the meta develops and evolves.



The Booming strategy!

Update in progress! By far the most versatile build order on the list. Set up your economy so fast that your opponent can’t punish you! Then transition that economic lead into a huge mass of units to overwhelm your opponent.

Commit into Commercial Age or transition into Fortress Age, this build order economy allow you to do anything smoothly. However, this will leave your opponent free to do his own thing and is suceptible to early disruption.

Suited for 1v1 and Team Games!

Halberdiers + Crossbowmen timing attack!

A deadly early timing attack designed to punish fast fortress strategies. Extremely effective against cavalry centric factions. It make use of the Swedes church card, Treaty of Roskilde, allowing it to transition into a good Jaeger mass as a backup plan.

Strikes around 7 minutes 30 with 16 Veteran Halberdiers, 2 Leather Cannons and 10 Crossbowmen.

Suited for 1v1!

Commercial timing attack!

Similar to the Halberdiers + Crossbowmen strategy, this build order aims to punish fast fortress strategies. However this time we feast on factions with poor anti-cavalry. This strategy translate nicely into any composition as the infrastructure is in place from the get go.

Strikes around 7 minutes 30 with 10 Hussars, 15 Caroleans and 2 Leather Cannons.

Suited for 1v1!

The cavalry Semi Fast Fortress!

Another timing attack, this time in early Fortress Age. The goal is to abuse 10 Jaegers and 2 Falconnets shipments. Combined with Hussars, they form a deadly mass packing a huge technological lead.

Strikes around 9 minutes with 10 Veteran Hussars and 10 Jaegers, and around 11 minutes with 15 Hakkapelits and 2 Falconets.

Suited for 1v1!

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Fun strategies

Just to clarify, fun != bad. Simply those strategies are either extremely all in or require more set up than the more competitive ones.
However if your are doing an in house and want to be edgy, you are at the right place!

French Fusiliers rush!

An absolute fan favorite, the French Fusiliers rush is one of the dirtiest strategy in the game. With their extremely high damage, they are able to pick off villagers one after the other. However they are a relatively fragile and expensive unit. You must strike fast and hard to snowball into a win.

French Fusiliers in your opponent base before 5 minutes 30.

The United States fast revolt!

A very greedy strategy that make good use of the United States revolt. Punish your opponent passiveness with an enormous timing attack after revolting to the United States! Your Torps will support this revolt with a lasting economy, allowing it to not be as all-in as most revolts tend to be.

20 veteran Hussars, 40 Revolutionaries, 4 Gatling Guns and 16 Volunteers at 13 minutes 20.

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